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Behind the haystack


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One summer evening, a particularly warm evening, we was driving around country lanes , I'm looking at your white legs thinking I should touch you there, your knees where just showing under your summer dress, so I plucked up courage to place my  hand on your knee and gentle squeeze it, you look at me and smile, oh wow, she hasn't stopped me I think , so , now getting brave I slowly pull your dress up exposing you thigh, my hand is trembling as I try watching where I'm going, ah a farm track, fields of wheat each side, so I turn onto the track and stop.

Now I push my hand up slowly feeling your smooth skin, wow, dare I go for gold, yeah, I find your panties and gentle rub, suddenly you grab my hand and push it away, my heart sinks ,awh, "what's wrong " I say " let's go for a walk" you say nodding your head forward, I look and in the distance there is a haystack, ah, ok, without waiting you're out of the car, I quickly follow suit, lock the car and run to catch you up, put my arm around you.

I let my hand fall to your waist and pull you to me, you stop and look up at me I cannot resist and place my lips on yours, we stand locked in an embrace, tongues now searching each others, we turn and continue walking, now my hand is on your bum, again gently squeezing your cheek, I can feel the line of your panties, ah a new goal, I start to lift your dress, still you don't stop me, now I can feel your naked flesh, hmmm,then your panties, so I grip and try pulling them down, success, they start to move down, and your not stopping me, as I can only reach a small way I drop to my knees pulling them all the way down, you step out of them , I can't believe it, I've managed to get them off 

As I'm on my knees I lift your dress to look , I just have to, I've never had this chance before, right in front of me is your pussy, a neat triangle of hair, I plant my lips straight on your pussy and kiss you there, I stand up and we walk to the haystack.

To be continued,,,,,,,

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