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Owning, humiliating a married couple by verbal lines.


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We love humiliation in our sex scenarios. Recently we are so much into verbal humiliation of both of us. On traditional cuckold form they usually are not into that. Wife like to be used and generally abused and husband loves to watch that, when they laugh additionally how pathetic he is. 

Recently the huge turn on was when 3 aggressive guys was rough gangbanging wife in front of the hhusnand at our home.

Calling wife fat pig In front of the husband, or telling her shut up and put your fat ass up... or finally fitting her and telling hubby that is the size of the dick, your wife needs.. was so hot, we want to repeat it only stronger, more hardcore...

Would be thankful if you give us some ideas, abusive lines that would bulls could use or things that we would have to do or they would do to us to make it more humiliative 

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