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It’s the restlessness. That itch

under your skin. The whisper

in your ear that tells you something’s

missing, something’s wrong. The

empty space that cries out I’m here,

I’m waiting. I need you.

Reaching out. Checking messages. This

site, that site. Casting the net wide to see

what I can catch. Reel in. The huntress

who seeks to be hunted. Nameless faces

and faceless names. Possibilities

considered and rejected. Picked up

and put down. And all the while it builds.

That need. That craving to be soothed,

Comforted. Controlled. To fit myself beneath

your wings and fly. To feel the walls that tell me

I can breathe. Check messages. Refresh. Post

a picture, write a post. Join a discussion. Wave

my arms and say here. Over here. Come find me.

Come settle me. Give me safe harbor

from the storm. From myself.

Your prose is erudite, eloquent and elegant. Bravo and kudos to you my Lady_Char

Within the grasp of the deft and skilled huntress is willing prey..... Though seen as putrid claim..... Perhaps bountiful sustenance awaits.....

This was very well written! Thank you.💖💖💖

Well written and enjoyable, Char. Thank you.

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