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Need someone to make me feel better

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So I have been in several bdsm relationships, always as either a daddy, or just a regular dom. But after several ended relationships, I have been hurt too many times. Im willing to submit, so someone can take away the hurt and make me feel better. Not looking for anything hardcore, just like a light bdsm relationship. Idk. I just want someone who wont hurt me (emotionally)

Hello Acey. Just read your post, and I’m disappointed you’ve been let down so much. Now is not the time to feel strong, but it’s when you are going through the rough times that you are being strongest. The trick is each time to build on what you’ve learnt about yourself. Be honest with yourself what you will want, and tactfully communicate use this to find people who suit your real interests and your style. When it happens you realise how much of a miracle it is, but good communication is the key, in my opinion. Good luck Acey.

Hi, Im sorry to hear you have been hurt and let down so much, relationships can be such a trial at times. I dont think becoming a sub just because you cant find a sub is the way to solve your problems though, Im not saying you shouldn't be a sub but that you should be one for the right reasons. There is no guarantee that being submissive wont be just as painful if you dont find the right partner.

I find what works for me is to establish in my own mind what it is that Im looking for and then to fill my time with getting comfortable with my own company and building a good network of friends until it comes along. Usually when you least expect it the right person comes along.

Good luck, I hope its not too long before you find what you're looking for


with due respect. You're 18.

I don't mean to say this to invalidate your experiences but there's so much ahead of you.  

I personally HATE the logic of "I was a Dom and it didn't work out, so I'm going to try to be a sub" - because you either are or you aren't.  That doesn't mean you're not a switch but - too many people who cite this are just desperate for anything and it's more important you find your place then swinging to one because the other didn't work just yet.

Do a little research about what events are local to you. I note you were on another thread claiming there to be naught but I found an absolute tonne of events in your state (just because they're not listed *here* doesn't mean they don't exist) 

the thing is, relationships kinda do hurt. but, submission doesn't take away pain. submission requires even more strength and comes with either deeper challenges and frustrations.

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