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Sub headspace


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I'm not sure how to go about this but I've been hearing about a sub headspace that subs can get into.

Everything I've read said it can be euphoric and really calming to completely let go with someone.

I'm curious about it but I'm not sure how to actually get there? Is it something I need to work on or will it come with time with my Dom? I've also noticed I'm a brat not just a sub, so is it possible for brats to even get in that headspace? 

Any more info on it or personal experiences would be great! Thank y'all 

Trust me brats can get there lol 😉
There's many ways to get there, I'm no expert on chemicals in the body, I'm sure someone will say here all the technical terms, but mostly when receiving certain types of pain release endorphins from the brain which gives the floaty feeling, when i gave birth to my son i was absolutely off my face/drunk as a skunk after 😂😂
I've achieved subspace from receiving mild pain and a mixture of intense emotion, can be fear or upset ect.
It's just finding what works for you 😊
Hello Mandy, Sub headspace as stated by cheekysub is different for each individual both in terms of what gets them to this point and how sub headspace makes the individual feel. This is something you can talk about with your Dom yes if you have one but also think of what it means for you whether that be a form of stimulation and/or pain or if it is a form of activity or action that gives you this. I wish all the best on your journey of discovering what this is for you though.
Agree with everything in the previous two comments and certainly a brat can achieve subspace.
I would add that in order to get into subspace, it’s important to relax - drift into it if you like - but I think this can only be achieved once you have built trust with your Dom over a number of sessions such that you really allow yourself to let go.
Good luck.
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Agree with all said. Each person’s journey is different. Sub headspace is something of euphoric, a high that a sub including can experience in varying degree. This works by talking with your Dom, exploring with him what works best for you and letting go of yourself by building trust with him. There is no one fixed recipe for it. But I also want to point out that as part of your journey to explore and experience subspace, please talk to your Dom about the aftercare. Aftercare is always important but it’s all the more important after experiencing sub headspace.

All the best in your journey.
Subspace is something I've encountered before I even knew it existed and in what we would probably call more vanilla relationships. I don't think it matters, particularly what you identify as, I think your brain is going to make it happen with the right person if you're that type of person.

After learning about primals, I'm pretty certain I am one, but I'm also certain I'll get into subspace again with the right Dom.
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