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She sat with her back turned toward the door. It was just about the end of her work day and it had been a long one.

A sigh escaped her as she glanced at the paperwork scattered about, in an organized chaos, across her desk.
Music played from her computer speakers
She leaned back in her chair and began to take herself down a few notches.

Deep breaths, she thought to herself. Let yourself go. Let the music wash over you.
As she decompressed listening to the music that floated from her computer speakers. She began to sing along; then found herself humming, and twirling her dangling stiletto around her toe tips.

Before she knew it, she was deep in thought.

She heard the door open but did not behind her. After all, it was the end of the day and people were always going in and of that door. A brief shadow registered in her peripheral vision. It wasn’t till she thought she'd caught a glimpse of a form walking deeper into the office that she snapped back into reality. was that, she thought. As she turned her head back; suddenly her world went dark.

With a shrill it seemed she was trying so scream her way of the textile that enveloped her and head.

A coherent thought, she could not muster save for her gasping and crying .... “Whhhaaaat is haaaappening?”

Then came a low grumbling, raspy, voice that stunned her into silence.
“You lift that hood, you slut, and you’ll regret it.”
Rough, large hands lifted her from her chair and pulled her towards the front door. She opened her mouth to scream and suddenly of the hands was clasped over the fabric that covered her mouth.
“None of that either you little bitch,” he spat at her.
“I don’t want hurt you, at least not here.”

Fear thrilled through her and she complied in stunned silence.

He ushered her down the parking ramp. She could hear the awaiting vehicle idling.
Cold metal encircled her wrists and she winced as they grew tighter. “
She started ask..”What is happennnnggggg....” as she was thrust down onto fabric.

She heard the car door slam shut behind her.

Yes, more please, you can't stop there, or could you?
what's up.. that’s primal good stuff
On 11/9/2022 at 7:39 AM, madmax6929 said:

More please 🙏

on it's way

thank you for the support 


On 11/9/2022 at 8:00 AM, wilkie said:

Yes, more please, you can't stop there, or could you?

hahaha... tell me true... could you? xoxoxo

On 11/10/2022 at 12:19 AM, SassynCute said:

what's up.. that’s primal good stuff

Thank you so much SassynCute xoxo i really appreciate the kind support. 


                                   CONTINUED CAPTURE?                                        

Her thoughts she could collect nor form.

She was engulfed with so many emotions.

Overwhelmed with stunning shock, and  dizzying  confusion. ...

It was ..................surreal in some ways. 

But mostly she felt FEAR

Softly she began crying.

The hood that covered her head was becoming increasingly wet. She realized that something about the smell she was smelling was so familiar. Cherry and almonds; like her shampoo.

Could it be Him/Daddy trying to make a fantasy of her's come true.
Before should could form and express ... “What...Who..... “ she was stopped
“Quiet you cunt!” he growled at her from the front seat.

“You think your tears will move me?” He laughed.

“Just think about what could happen to you if you do not please me. Be a good slut. I know you can.”

Okay, so NOT Daddy/Him  like at all

She searched her memory bank for some clue

She didn’t recognize the voice.
She could not know the intent of her captor(s).
She thought she'd better comply as she knew nothing of others being present or not.
She did know that she wanted to live.

Slowly her tears stopped.

No one spoke.

Not sure how much time had passed, she was eventually lulled by the motion of the vehicle and the slow classical music that played, into a half cognizant state; something akin to a dreamlike state had taken over.

Her awareness spiking as the car turned this way and that, making her position change forcibly by their motions.

She was close to drifting to a deeper state when the car violently stopped.

She shrieked in fear.

“Didn’t I tell you to be quiet!?”
Her captor snarled, roughly pulling her out of the back seat and lifting her over his shoulder.

His hand lewdly sneaking up her skirt to grope her ass.
“Such a beautiful ass.”
“What I’d love to do with it.” he said almost to himself as he walked.

She wriggled and yelped as his finger probed the gusset of her thong, which started to moisten under his touch.
“Dirty slut. Your getting wet aren’t you?”

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