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Partialism: Jaw line shape from a low angle... anyone else???

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Hey everyone, just joined.


I'm curious if there's anyone else out there who's turned on by low angle views of a jaw line.  I've had several partialism fetishes throughout my life.. stomach, butt, tongue, etc., but have never met anyone with this particular fetish or found a source for content online, which is really disappointing.  The closest I've come have been throat fetish videos, but most of them focus more on the throat than the jaw.  Occasionally I'll find a video where the person's head is bent far back enough to get the view I'm interested in but it's seldom.. 


For me it all ties into the worship category of fetishes.  The content doesn't even have to be sexual for me to appreciate it.  Kinda weird, huh?  I think it's also similar to an upskirt fetish in a way, as in it's a point of view that people hardly ever see in daily life and is completely impersonal.  IDK if that makes any sense.  I even recently discovered that the silhouette of my own jaw line from that angle arouses me.  Probably seems bizarre, but I've resorted to making content of myself, for myself... 


If there's anyone else out there like me, I'd be super interested in chatting.  I'm also more than happy to share my own material with you, too.


Have a great day!


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