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Mary Janes?

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OK, so I admit to being a heel lover, but I also love Mary Janes, in fact the right Mary Jane with white anklets will get my attention one heck of a lot quicker than heels will. I know there are a lot of male MJ fans too, and obviously gazillions of female ones, but somehow I have always felt MJ's were special. I had hell in school with the girls who wore them and still get miffed because they have never really become an adult male fashion, and of course getting the sizes to fit is a major problem. I am fortunate that I can fit into a EU size 43 depending on the shoe, and have quite a few pairs in my collection. Any other MJ fans out there?  

Do women see MJ's as a fetish item? considering how most of the available ones are made for women and girls anyway. 

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