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Pierced advice please


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Hello folks, I'm new here but moderately experienced in kink 😉

I'm currently considering getting involved with a chap who is heavily pierced... 

This is new territory for me, previous partners have only had pierced ears... So, are there any folks here who can offer advice regarding fun involving a cock which has both a Prince Albert and reverse Prince Albert? Any dos and don'ts? Creative ideas for teasing, tormenting and any other form of fun are welcome...

Play around and find out what’s fun and what works. Usually the piercings can take some abuse. Tugging; twisting, and turning yield great results. They’ll hit you in new areas.

Have fun!
Probably the best person to ask is the guy himself - he'll be best placed to tell you what works for him and any personal do's and don'ts beyond the obvious.
Generally speaking though in my limited experience of people with piercings once they're healed they are fairly robust but care still needs to be taken not to overdo it when it comes to rough play
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