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This is one for the sissies.

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I'm so nervous, my stomach undulating as I step out of the taxi. Your coach is due any minute, we've been texting since you landed. I still can't believe someone as amazing as you would go to all this effort to come and meet me. 


It's 4am and the road is deserted save for your coach coming round the one way system, my heart starts hammering and I pray to Thor that I'm not a tongue tied wreck. A few moments later there you are, coming down the steps of a battered national express. The driver swiftly disembarks your luggage whilst the two of us just stand there beaming at each other bashfully. I give myself a little shake and bridge the gap of pavement between the two of us and we envelope each other in a hug. I want nothing more than to kiss you but I'm aware that the taxi driver is watching this moment unfold and I don't want to share the kiss that I've been waiting weeks for, with him.  


In the back of the taxi, our hands brush against each others, and it's electric, I look down and gently grab your hand in mine. I glance up at your gorgeous face striped amber by the street lights, we stare smiling like a pair of love struck fools in some old poem. 



We arrive at mine and the nervous energy between us crackles, because I know your embarrassing secrets and you know mine. I've never had butterflies like it before. We dump your luggage in my bedroom and head upstairs so I can make us coffee and when you're seated on the couch and there's two steaming mugs sitting on the table next to us I swing my leg over and sit astride you.

You drape your arms around my waist and I cup your handsome face with both hands stroking your dark stubble with my thumbs, our hearts are hammering, are breathing is following suit and I look at you with lust laden eyes and say 

"I am so glad you're here my pretty little sissy".


I say the words deliberately and enunciate each syllable. As I watch my words land you squirm beneath me, your cheeks flood with embarrassment. I kiss you on each cheek just below your dermal anchor, your forehead, the tip of your perfect nose, then your perfect mouth. It's intense, you kiss me tenderly, and your hands move to my hair, you pull me in closer and the kiss becomes carnal and so intense, I can feel your thick dick rock hard beneath me and I squirm/grind myself against you till I can feel your pre cum seeping through your jeans, you moan, it's gutteral. I pull away abruptly. 


"Aww look at the mess you've made. Finish your coffee and then we'll get you out of those and into something dry" I say looking with a lift of an eyebrow and a loaded smile that makes you blush. I want to have some fun with you before your jet lag kicks in, even though you slept on the the plane.


A short while later when dawn is peeping in through the windows I have you stand in the corner.


"Don't move until I call for you. Not a muscle. Do you understand?" I say and give you a playfull swat on the ass. You nod too nervous to talk.


I disappear downstairs and slip into my leather pencil skirt, my pvc bra and calf length, lace up platform boots. I tie a pvc ribbon on top of my Betty Rubble fringe as a finishing touch and I adjust the key on my necklace. Then I call for you, by the time you get to the bottom of the stairs I"m stood there with the silk sash of my kimono in my hand. You're smiling nervously as you stand before me not sure where to look, but you choose anywhere other than my eyes. I'm almost the same height as you in my heels. I love that you're so tall and manly, it's going to make what I have in store for you all the more delicious. I use the sash as a blindfold and gently wrap it over your eyes, your breath catches as I tie it. And I stroke your face reassuringly.


I take one of your beautiful tattooed hands in mine and I guide you to my room building trust with each step.


You're stood in the middle of my bedroom, I want you guessing what I have in store for you as you listen to me open drawers, to hangers scraping along the rack, to the gentle tap of my heels on the floor. Your blood is careening around your body with nervous anticipation. 


I stroke your cheek, and kiss you on the lips, pressing my tits against your chest, I put a thick leather collar around your neck and do it up so the 'o' ring sits perfectly in the front. 


With my lips now against your ear I say huskily 

"You are mine. Every bit of you belongs to me. Do you understand?"

It makes your hair stand on end and I end it with a kiss on your neck. Your breathing is heavy and you're so nervous all you can do is nod your head again.


I grip you tightly by the collar and say.


"The correct response Brian is 'Yes Mistress.' I want to hear you say it."


You squirm. I tap my foot impatiently. I know you're wrestling with your nerves and your pride.


"Say. It."


"Yes Mistress" stumbles out of your mouth then.


"Good boy." That earns you another kiss.


I unzip your hoodie and slide it off you and into a pile on the chair. I tell you to lift your arms and do the same with your Misfits T-shirt. I lay kisses on each of your nipples before setting about shimmying your jeans down, next it's your Wonder woman socks until your just stood there in your boxer shorts. 


"You're so fucking beautiful" I say taking in your tattoos, I want to kiss each one especially your little bat and leave a trail of goosebumps with my lips. My pussy slickens.


I kiss you whilst removing your blindfold. It takes a pause for your big blue eyes to adjust to the light. You see what's laid out on the bed and your cheeks flood to the same pink as the sea of pink laid out neatly on the bed.


"Aww you look at you, you're so adorable when you blush" I say laughing.


You squirm visibly and stare at the floor, like you're praying to Satan that it'll open up and swallow you.


"Don't look at the floor, look at me" I say, as I sit on the bed crossing my legs primly.


You squirm but raise your beautiful eyes to meet mine, but you're not sure what makes your stomach knot more, me or what's led on the bed next to me.


"Take your boxer shorts off"


You gingerly slide them off, you instinctively cover your dick which is rock hard and pointing to your ACDC tattoo.


"Oooh no you don't. Put your hands on your head so I can see your lil sissy dick."



You do as you're told. I stare, and purposely take my time looking at it, then I'm up and bending down to inspect it nice and close.


"If it weren't for your balls I would've sworn you were a real girl because your dick is so small it looks like a giant clit" I say looking you square in the face, you squirm again. I press up against you and your micro penis and say in your ear.


"Remember all of the times you jerked off without my permission, all of those times when you disobeyed me, and just came willy nilly forgetting that one day we would actually meet".


You nod. 


"Well now I'm going to punish you for it. You will never ever disobey me again, because I own that little itty bitty sissy cock of yours. Do you understand me slut?" 


I can feel your heart hammering. 


"Yes Mistress" you respond in your sonorous voice, it's so throaty and thick with nerves it's almost a growl.


I kiss you deeply and snake a hand around your cock. I can feel your pre cum, so I use it to jerk you off, you moan, I keep going moving my hand up and down your shaft faster until your orgasm quickly erupts in to my hand. Your body tenses and your dick is twitching. I break the kiss and put my sticky cum covered fingers to your lips.


"Suck them clean you messy girl". 


You part your Cupid's bow lips and lick my thumb tasting yourself, you suck my fingers then almost gagging on my long sharp nails, making sure not to miss any of your sissy juice, I take them out of your mouth and kiss you, you pass your cum to me as the kiss gets more heated, I pull you in closer and we pass your yummy jizz back and forth until it's all gone. Your orgasm has fully tipped you into sub space. I hold you for a few moments, your head resting on my shoulder we fit perfectly. 


"I hope you enjoyed that sissy, because that's the last time you're going to be coming for a few days"


I turn and reach for something on the bed.


I smile when I see your expression as I dangle a pink chastity cage in front of you.


"You act like a girl and now you get to actually be one" 


The end of the cage has a pussy moulded into it. I hold it up so you can see it. You whimper with shame.


I take your flaccid lil dick and lock you into chastity, giving your caged clit like dick a flick. 


Next I hold up a pale pink frilly thong. 


"Slutty undies for a slutty girl. Put them on" 

I say tossing them to you. Your hands are shaking with nerves and you navigate putting them on and getting your caged cock and your balls to sit comfortably in them without hanging out everywhere. I don't take my eyes off of you the entire time. 


"And this" I say chucking a matching bra your way, the mystery of why I was asking for your measurements now solved. Despite your blushes you're being so obedient, which pleases me.


"Aww don't worry about not filling it up sweetie, we can start you on hormones soon and then you'll have your own boobs in no time, but for now these will have to do" I say teasingly. 


I stand up and go to my drawers and take out two pairs of my thickest socks and I stuff your pretty bra cups with them. You look like you're on the brink of using your safe word.


Next it's the pile of Barbie pink frills, satin and lace dress. I initially wanted to dress you up in something classier but your blatant disobedience over the last few weeks calls for nothing but abject humiliation. I hand it to you.


"Go on then. Put it on there's a good girl" 


My words make your stomach churn with shame but again you obey me, your face is as pink as the cloud of a dress you're stepping into. You look absolutely ridiculous. I do your zip up and insert a padlock through the loops and click it closed locking you into your sissyhood. Your frills poof out from the waist down.


"Hmmmm something's missing" I say giving you the once over. A few seconds later I'm armed with my make-up bag and my long dark wig and you're knelt on your knees in front of me.


"Stella please don't" you whimper. The way you say my name makes me melt, and my panties wet.


"Either say your safe word like the little bitch you are, or shut that pretty little cum hole of yours. And that's Mistress to you Princess". I say. I pause for a few moments waiting to hear you safe word, it doesn't come though, you just look down at your pretty frill covered tits. 


I tilt your face up to apply eyeliner and mascara to your long lashes, and when I'm done I say


"You are the most beautiful man I've ever kissed". It makes you smile. I smile back and then kiss you, before painting your full lips Barbie pink to match your dress. When your wigs on I laugh and tell you what a pathetic mess you are, 5'11 of alpha male reduced to a simpering pathetic little sissy in a cock cage and frilly frock. 


I move across the bedroom and beckon for you to follow suit. You make your way hesitantly to where I'm stood. You're so embarrassed, it's emanating from your every pore, and gets worse with each swish of your pretty pink dress, your eyes locked on the floor, then the toes of my shoes.


"Look at yourself in the mirror" 


"Please Mistress don't make me". You whimper.


"Aww doesn't the little Princess want to see how pretty she looks" I say mockingly. 

Your face flushes to the colour of your lipstick and you squirm and tense.


"Do as you're told you disobedient fuck slut. Look in the mirror and tell me how pretty you look".


You raise your big blue eyes to the mirror and you look like you're about to disintegrate from the weight of your embarrassment when you see how ridiculous you look. I reach around and lift your dress up so you can see your lacy panties.


"Keep looking. Do not take your eyes off this mirror" and then I pull them down so you can see your pussy cock.


"Aww look at your pretty pussy Brian". You squirm again and whimper but you dare not defy me so you keep on looking at yourself, with your long girly wig and make-up. And so much pink.


"What do you say to your Mistress for dressing you up so nice." 


"Thank you Mistress" you say quietly to my reflection.


"Louder and tell me what you're fucking thankful for."


"Thank you Mistress. Thank you for dressing me up like the pathetic little sissy slut I am" its all a giant whimper through clenched jaws. So I get you to repeat it clearly, all the while you're looking at me like a good girl. I pull your panties back up and your dress back down and smooth it out.


"That's right you are a pathetic little sissy, a total femboy."


"I thought the way you sucked your cum off my fingers was so hot. The fact that you like cum bodes well for you, because I'm having a party tomorrow night and I'm going to pass your cum eating mouth round all of my friends and they're going to fuck your pretty face." 


Those words hit you and makes your caged bound cock twitch.


"You need to practice sucking dick though because I'm not going to have you show me up tomorrow in front of my friends, when they're coming over specifically to give my new toy a try." 


You look like you don't know where to put yourself, you're utterly mortified by everything I've just said.


I slither out of my pencil skirt and into the harness of my strap-on.


You're so nervous I can tell. I'm torn between scooping you up and giving you a massive cwtch and skipping happily to your humiliation. 


"Get on your knees" I command and resigned to your fate you do as I ask. I stand in front of you fitting a long tapered dildo into my harness.


"Kiss it princess."


You grimace, and I rest the tip of my strap-on against your lips and you give the end of it a peck. 


"Now open your mouth and show me how much you love sucking cock." 


You're so embarrassed knelt there head to toe in pink with the tip of my silicone dick between your lips. 


"Suck it you defiant little slut''.


You whimper and start sucking my massive silicone dick.


"Take it deeper."


Your take it to the back of your throat and you gag and there's drool everywhere, but you continue. You look up at me with watering eyes and a mouthful of cock, that mascara will be smeared down your face tomorrow because of the bukkake party.


"Good girl, nice and sloppy."


I have you stop then.


"Aww you've smeared your lipstick. Come on up you get." I help you to your feet.


"Take your panties down and bend over the bed." You do as you're told, you know exactly what's coming and I know you can take it because you showed me taking something similar in your ass on video.


"Spread your bum cheeks there's a good girl." Your bent over the bed, your cute ass framed by pink frills, you grip your ass cheeks and spread them so your ass hole is exposed. 


"I'm going to condition you to love getting your ass fucked, you'll be begging all of my friends to fuck you in your sissy cum bucket tomorrow too. Do you understand me?".


"Yes Mistress" you say into my bedsheets.


"Now beg me to fuck you in the ass. Like the the greedy cock loving whore you are.".


You whimper and say

"Please Mistress, please fuck me in my cock loving ass"


"Hmmm I'm not so convinced that you really want me to Princess Brian. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you in the ass and how much you're looking forward to sucking all of my friends cocks tomorrow."


You stall and whimper into my bed.


"Say it or you'll be begging Mark to fuck your ass and his dick will split you in two" 


That gets you to comply. And you say it verbatim and do it extra pleadingly. We both know that come tomorrow you'll be begging him for his cock. He doesn't do dudes but when he sees what a pathetic mess you are and the pathetic excuse for a cock you have between your legs he'll think you're a chick anyways.


I spit on your ass hole, squirt some lube on the end of my dildo and gently slide into your ass. You gasp, 


"That's it take my dick bitch" 


I grab your hips and start sliding in and out of your tight ass hole, I hit your P-spot time and time again with every rhythmic thrust. It's torture for you because you're so turned on and your dick is trapped and locked up in that cage. 


Yes Mistress" you moan in ecstasy.


The second I see your pre cum dribbling out of your pussy hole I pull out and have you suck my dildo clean by way of thanks.




I tell you what a good girl you are for taking your Mistresses dick. I undress you, apart from your cage of course and I get undressed too and we get into bed. We lay on our sides facing each other and we kiss, your fingers draw lazy patterns up and down my arm, then you put your head on my chest and I stroke your hair and we fall asleep entwined.


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Wow! I really shouldn’t read your stuff at work. I’m fuzzy! Thank you for you creativity. X
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