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Domme’s are Sub’s? Feminine/ Masculine Energy


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Not new I just didn’t know where to put this thread.

I am seeing a lot of “domme’s” talking about meeting someone with real “masculine energy” and they actually turn out to be subs?

I don’t exactly know what to make of this really. Are all dommes actually just subs waiting for someone with the correct masculine energy to unlock their submissiveness/ feminine-ness ?

Does that then mean that (apart from the ultra select few as always) dommes are actually kind of like.. don’t exist type of thing?

I always am a sort of statistical person so it’s started to get to me a bit I guess hahaha 😅 it’s looking to me like there’s now many many many of people like me vs ultra ultra few of the people I’m looking for.

I do need to sort of suck it up I guess and try and find a way to get passed wanting all these things like to be taken care of etc etc. Obviously all of my friends have told me I shouldn’t have to do that but maybe I actually do?

How does one change their deepest wants and desires to match with the current situation? How would one move on from “I’ve always wanted to be treated this certain way but I have to want to be treated this different way which suits the modern times”

Which also has a much much better success?

Who told you that or where did you read this statement ?? 
i think you need to read more or learn more about fem dominance. 
the one looking for a masculine energy mean they want a strong alpha male to earn their Dominance. Most of sub men are pathetically weak and would do anything to be owned. It must be boring for them to see these kind of men crawling in their Mail box. So a challenging masculine energy fuelled sub is more rewarding… 


there's a toxic view some men put out - a claim there is no such thing as a Dominant woman, the ones that are Dominant are only Dominant to 'weak' subs and would be themselves subs to 'real' men.

and it's bullshit

and, equally, of course, there are sub men who will try to downplay the prevalence of Dominant women as an explanation for their own lack of success.

which is also unhealthy.

There is an old saying that more women would of course be into the idea of Female Domination if more men did this in a way that benefited women, and not just servicing their own kinks.  But still.

Yeah, a lot of women find the weak, self-negging, "pathetic" sub to be off-putting.  I mean, who wants a partner who is weak and pathetic?  That's not a healthy relationship it's pity

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