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Into the woods: admittedly fairly vanilla random thought…


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If this doesn’t belong here, I’m sorry. I just wanted to see if it had any merit of continuing or revising. 

Into the woods. 


Girl plans a week long getaway with her friends, but at the last minute her friends back out. She really needs this trip so she decides to go anyway. Upon arrival at the cabin she is I pleasantly surprised to find out that the rental company double booked the cabin for that week.The cabin rental place tells her that they will let her stay at a fraction of the cost if she agrees to let the other person who booked the cabin stay since the rest of her party didn’t come anyway. She agrees and heads to the cabin only to find out that her cabin mate for the weekend is a brooding and quiet but gorgeous man. He isn’t happy about the arrangement either but they quietly agree to stay in their own space and move on with their restful trip this story takes place on Tuesday evening after they have been casually glancing at each other and running into each other while trying to do their own activities, the tension has been growing and is now thick as he walks in after a hike and she is sitting by the fire in the living room reading her book with a glass of wine….


His hike had turned out longer than he had expected and he had been caught in the rain for the last part of it. When he walked in he could smell the scent of her shampoo from the still warm shower she had taken. He looked at her sitting there quietly in her leggings and an oversized knit sweater and couldn’t resist messing with her just a bit. He walked up behind her and began to rub her shoulders while she read. Though she had heard him come in the unexpected contact made her jump and sent shivers down her body. “What are you doing?” She asked, her voice cracking as she spoke. 

You just looked tense. He said, his voice a bit hoarse from being out in the cold.  “Well, I’m not…”. Yes, you are. He said firmly and he continued to rub her shoulders more firmly.  Oh, so you’re an expert on me after knowing me for 3 days…. She said almost in a huff. But she didn’t pull away or ask him to stop directly. His hands felt warm and strong as they melted away the stress that always lived in her neck.  “I know what tension looks like, and I knew what you needed after day one.” He said, confidently. He pressed his thumbs firmly into the tight muscles in her shoulders, and began massaging the back of her neck as well.  

His touch was so firm and exact, it was like he knew what she needed more than she did herself. She was instantly relaxed. After a few seconds she snapped out of her trance and turned her head to face him. Her resolve to tell him to fuck off was caught in her throat as she saw him standing there damp from the rain. His hair was messy and wet as if he had just gotten out of the shower himself and the way his clothes cling to him showed her exactly how toned his chest and arms were. Despite her usual sense of self control her heart began to pound. Her voice was quieter than she expected when she stated the obvious…”You’re soaked, you had better go change or you may freeze to death.”  She spun back around and returned to her book, trying not to keep staring while he headed to his room.  To her surprise, he did not head to his room. He walked toward the fireplace and grabbed a towel from the cabinet next to the bathroom.  As she pretended to read her book she watched from the corner of her eye as he stripped off his shirt first, drying his hair with the towel and wiping the water from himself as he went.  The sight brought a warmth to her own chest and her nipples began to harden. “Snap out of it, she thought, you’ve seen a man without his shirt off before.  Though she had to admit it had been a while.  It was when he began to strip off his pants that concern came over her. “What are you doing?” She snapped at him as he hung his pants on the railing by the fire. “I’m getting dried off, it was pretty rainy out there.” Why are you doing that in here, you have a room.  Yes, I do have a room, but it doesn’t have a fireplace, or a sexy woman in it, so this seemed like a better choice.  

“Haha” she said, rolling her eyes, but at the same time getting warm all over.  He dried off his legs and came to sit by her on the couch. “What, you don’t enjoy the show?” He said in a lowered voice. “You wish, she replied, her voice was a bit shaky, giving away her current state of attraction.  She returned to her book in an attempt to regain control of her senses. For a few minutes they sat in silence, the tension growing in the room as the fire crackled in the fireplace and the warmth from the fire, and the warmth she was getting from his closeness grew. Without saying a word he pulled her feet across his lap and turned on the tv in the corner. Ignoring his touch, she looked up from her book straight at the tv and almost growled,  really? There’s a tv in your room why don’t you go watch it in there?  He placed his left land on her upper thigh and his right hand firmly on her calf, pulling her legs into him and he looked straight at her… it’s going to be hard to touch you from there, and you know you’ve been wanting to know what I feel like since you first saw me.  “She was taken aback by his boldness and tried to look appalled, but he was right. From the moment she had seen him getting out of that truck the first night she had imagined what it would be like to be wrapped up with him in one way or another.  Her cheeks flushed, and under her sweater she could feel her chest turning pink and her nipples hardening into points.  “You’re full of it. She meant to snap but almost whispered. Damnit, she thought, why am I not wearing a bra?!” He smirked as he noticed the difference in her voice, and he could see her nipples through her sweater now, which made him begin to picture pinching them, licking them, doing all sorts of things to that perfectly curvy body she had constantly tried to hide. 

She returned to her book, in an attempt to block him out…but again she didn’t move from his touch. As she read he began to massage her thighs, and her calves, firmly dissolving her resolve with each movement. His hand slid between her thighs and began to massage from her knees toward her center, feeling her heat as he went until he grazed her pussy with the side of his hand and noticed even through her leggings that she was already wet. “Full of it huh?” He smirked, and intentionally turned his hand, and his intentions on massaging her wet pussy through her leggings. She didn’t say a word. Who did this guy think he was?!  Mmmmm, part of her didn’t care who we was, his touch released a switch in her that hadn’t been unlocked in a long time. Her body responded to his every touch as if he had the owner’s manual. 

He pulled his hand back to his face and he sighed as he breathed in her scent from it. 

No, this was a perfect place to leave it... great read!
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