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Painful Pleasure

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The long handled riding crop swishes rapidly back and forth across her back, soft slapping sounds as contact is made on each side. I work it steadily down her torso. Over her shoulder blades, down her back to her hips, staying longer to work her buttocks into a rosy pink glow before moving down the backs of her thighs and back up again. When I am satisfied that she has had enough (from the colour patches on her flesh and her low moans) I command her to turn around. Her arms are held up above her head and cuffed to one side of a heavy frame which stands vertically on the floor suspended by chains from the ceiling. Turning forces her to cross her arms and stand on tip-toe while I play the switch across the top of her breasts and then under them and down her front, over her soft belly to her hips.

Moving the crop between her thighs I force it upwards, slipping the furthest part of the handle between her labia. I slide the long shaft slowly forwards and back, rubbing her clitoris, followed by a few rapid slaps over the little bud, enjoying watching her squirm in her restraints and hearing her soft moans.

Swapping the crop for a small box, I attach it's wires to the rings hanging from her pierced nipples and apply a little electric power. She squirms for a moment as the voltage hits her and moans a little but soon gets used to the tiny charge. Gradually, in steps, I turn up the voltage until she is straining against her cuffs, pulling herself up on tip-toes and moaning loudly. I remove the clips from her nipple rings and move them down to one of the many pairs of labia rings that she has. Again I apply the voltage in steps until she is straining against her cuffs, a slight sheen of sweat breaking out on her body.

Removing the clips and picking up a pair of small metal combs, I stroke down her back and over her buttocks with the tips of the teeth. Reaching around her I stroke the sides of her breasts and down over her abdomen. Turning her around I stroke the teeth over her breasts and sandwich each nipple in turn between the teeth tips.

Replacing the combs with a pair of thin leather thongs, I feed each thong through the labia rings on either side of her slit, wrapping them around her thighs and tying them firmly, though not tight enough to cut off her circulation. Using a wall mounted crank I lower the frame towards the horizontal. Her only choice is to squat and then sit and then lie down as the heavy frame that she is cuffed to descends. Taking each of her feet in turn I cuff her ankles to the other side of the frame, feet wide apart, the thongs pulling on her labia rings, holding her wet vagina wide open.

Attaching more chains to the frame I raise it again, this time horizontally. She is suspended from it, lifted off the ground until her vagina is the same height as my now erect penis. Standing between her thighs I slide easily into her warm wetness to my full depth. I swing her back and forth along the full length of my shaft, the head scraping the front wall of her cunt with each stroke, grazing over her G-spot. Soon her moans have been replaced by sighs of pleasure and I gradually build up the speed until, sweating and gasping for breath I explode into her just as she climaxes and floods my balls with her cum.

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These are a few of my favorite things.  Sigh

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Only thing you missed out is a lit cigarette end being applied to the tender bits of skin best punishment tool ever invented for me Oooh

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