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He had been highly recommended by her friends yet she had doubts. As she bustled through the narrow streets, crammed even more tightly by countless market barrows, jarred by the sounds of tradesmen and livestock, pummelled with the scents of animals, spices and exotic flowers, she couldn't believe that a practitioner of his reputation could live and work in such shabby surroundings. Her feelings didn't improve when she found his door. The exterior was in a sad state of repair, paint peeling from window frames and the door and the scent of rotting wood. Nonetheless she steeled herself and went inside. The interior was very bare. There was a door leading to a room at the rear of the building, a counter with an ancient till and row after row of shelves around the walls containing all manner of herbs, spices and parts of animals. Nervously she rang the bell for attention.


A short, slender, wizened figure brushed aside the bead curtain separating the rooms and stepped inside. He wore a brightly coloured kimono, decorated with dragons and flowers. She introduced herself and told him what she wanted. He stepped back through the curtains beckoning her to follow. The back room was very spartan containing only a table against one wall and a square mat in the centre of the floor space. She spotted the needles on the table, sunlight glinting off their tiny metal handles as they bathed in an antiseptic bath. He directed her to sit cross-legged in the centre of the mat - completely naked. She almost refused and ran for the door but her curiosity was peaked so she found herself coyly complying.


As soon as she was naked and seated he began, moving surprisingly swiftly for one who looked so old. One by one he picked a needle from the bath and placed it on her. She was surprised that it didn't hurt as the points penetrated her skin and then pressed deeper. He placed a few in the back of her neck at the pressure points. The weight of the handles on the needles, her tiny movements and the breeze passing through the room made the needles sway as they hung suspended from her by their points. It felt as though her pressure points were being gently massaged and she instantly relaxed as the tension seemed to flow out of her neck along the needles.


He placed one at either side of her head, just by the outer tips of her eyebrows. She could see the handles of these needles swaying as well as feel their effect and it seemed to relax her more. She was getting used to the idea, even starting to enjoy it. He positioned her hands on her thighs, palms up, and gently pushed a needle into each of her fingertips. It took her completely by surprise when he pulled on her bottom lip and inserted a needle into it's centre point which made her lip rise and fall slightly as it swayed.


Her nipples were becoming hard and erect. The next two needles went into the centre point of each nipple and she moaned softly as waves of pleasure seemed to sweep through her breasts. Finally he reached down with one hand, gently sliding the hood back to expose her clitoris as he inserted a needle into her little pleasure bud with his other hand.


His work was done and he retired to the front reception room leaving her sitting in the centre of the back room alone. She heard voices from the other room and the sound of the till working as business went on. She was aware that a procession of total strangers were passing through the shop and that the only thing stopping them from seeing her naked was a flimsy bead curtain. She didn't care as the needles swayed and wave after wave of pleasure swept through her fingers, lips, nipples and clit. She was aware that her breathing was getting deeper, that her juice was seeping from between her labia, wetting the mat. She began to rock slightly back and forth and experienced new sensations at her pleasure points as the needles responded. Her trembling started from her innermost being. Everything that happened only heightened the pleasure waves more. Her breathing getting faster, panting, her rocking faster, her trembling, everything just drove her incessantly higher until with a loud shriek of pure pleasure she squirted cum over the mat and her legs.


She had never squirted before. This wizened little oriental and his bunch of needles had done something for her that nobody else in her life had been able to.

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