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How to get more bruises/marks done?


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It looks like my sub doesn't get so many bruises/marks on her bottom  and thighs as she used to before. I mainly cane her.

No I have to hit her as hard as I can to get some marks done, and they heel too quickly. I'm sure I'm not just imagining this.

Do you have same experience? Why this happens?

And most importantly: how do I get more bruises/marks done on her bottom and thighs?




I know bruises are important to some - be it sub or Dominant - but bodies are different and - also - it's possible to "get used" to implements and so bruising/marking becomes less common.

There's a few people I know (myself included sometimes) get very proud of their marks and a little upset when they don't mark.

Really, there's not really that much you can do - it might be hitting harder/longer/etc. or trying different implements might work - but - also, by the same token, pushing people for more to try to get them to mark, well, it can hurt.   So make sure you're not overstretching limits.  


I do agree with @eyemblacksheep that some people can get use to an implement. As I use to bruise very easy with a paddle to begin with and now when one is used I will still mark as such but hardly any bruising! 

I am that kind of sub that is very proud of marks and bruises when they do happen. I would try other implements see how they react and yes don't over do it and again I echo what @eyemblacksheep is saying that you may push them too far if keep hitting harder and longer they may be at a limit and you don't want to push too much to that. 

I agree with the 2 replies. I love having bruises and marks, however, I rarely get them now, however hard or long Sir spanks or uses an implement. I look at pics when we first started and how bruised I got and it just doesn't happen now! However, biting tends to leave a few nice bruises as does pinching....

It's something I hear of all the time and I think I take a little bit more to bruise now than I did when I first entered the scene...mind you, I've always taken a fair bit of impact to get any bruising at all on my butt, so it's not a *huge* difference. 

But yep, definitely something I hear a lot, If marks are important to your bottom, then work out some ways to get those. Different implements maybe, different body areas if possible. But be careful not to overstep limits just to achieve marks. 

I love my marks and have been known to be disappointed when I don't have any. But I'm working on that. Because it's the experience that matters most, not the marks. And sometimes there's pain deep down and no bruising on the surface and that's good too! 


My strong suggestion to the OP or to other posters who are disappointed about not getting a bruise as easlily as they once did is to read up on what is actually happening to your body that causes this.

If you do not understand what a bruise is then for people with our interest you can be courting danger without realising it.

(I don't care if you court that danger with the full knowledge of what you are doing.)

A bruise hurts for a reason, you might notice that even as the bruise fades and the immidate pain has gone that touching the area brings the pain back? Your body is tryin to tell you something through this. You can listen to it or not.

Play Safe :)

Maybe try figging, so sad it's fallen out of fashion from what I can tell.


Thanks to everybody for commenting!

It seems to be the sad truth that body gets used to hitting and doesn't bruise so much O.o But at least I know i wasn't imagining it...

But we are not giving up! My sub loves the marks on her as much as I do and we are willing to work hard to get those :D

So....trying something different today. I gave her long (but not hitting very hard) spanking this morning on her bottom and thighs. Later today we will redo the treatment to the point she can take. After a break it's time for caning. Let's see it this kind of conditioning gives us some results.

If there are any good results, I'll post some pics. Of course you don't have any pics to compare with and to see if there's any improvement.






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