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Session 1 - A Short Story

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Session 1

After we talk for a while, I show you my place. It’s quite comfy, really. We walk down the hall and you look in each room, paying particular attention to my bedroom. You notice a king size bed, and you notice handcuffs at the headboard. We walk in, and you, almost instinctively, put a cuff on your left wrist.

You pull your shirt off and your thong. You lay there with your left hand up in the air. Restrained. I sit in a chair directly in front of you. Go ahead. Show me what one hand can do. In the nightstand are an array of vibrators and dildos. Use them. Make yourself cum. I watch with delight as you open the drawer and pull out the toys, one hand still restrained. I unzip my pants. I am three feet from your pussy. Squirt this far … and I’ve got a big surprise for you.

My thick cock twinges as you stick a finger in your mouth to wet it. You lick it lick you’re sucking a cock. Then, with that saliva coated finger, you part the lips of that shaved pussy. You start slowly. Long vertical strokes. Up. Down. Your eyes fixed on mine. You turn a vibe on and lay it on your thigh for now. Your fingers slow circling your erect clit.

You find the remote controlled vibe. The one I can run from my iPhone. Go ahead. Stick it inside you.

There are two. Put the other in your ass. Lay back. And circle your clit while I drive these two fun, yet incredibly intense toys.

The toy in your ass is motionless. It’s job is vibrations and changing frequencies. The pussy vibe, tho, not only vibrates, it throbs, goes in and out, thrusts, dances, and swells - all at my command.
Cum for Daddy.

I pick up my iPhone and connect. Your nipples peek as I turn each one on.
Circle you clit slowly hun. You’re gonna cum like you’ve never cum before.

What’s that?? You’d cum better with a large cock in your mouth ??
Ha. Silly girl. I put my thick cock into your face. The delicious shaft into you mouth. Immediately, I turn up the intensity and the stroking of the vibes. You’ll quickly learn that the better your head, the better I dance and control the toys squirming inside you. I keep my balls pressed up against your mouth. And as my cock feels your moist heat, the bulbous head penetrates your throat.

“Daddy, I’m cumming.” So cum. Squirt hard. Like I said. Hit the chair, get a prize.

You begin slapping your pussy harder each time. You inch your cunt to as close to the edge of the bed as you can. Closer. Closer to the chair.

My cock skull fucking your throat. Cum bitch. Cum. I put the intensity up just a little over halfway as saliva drips off your chin onto your nipples.
You cum but no major squirting. Yet.
You move even closer to the chair. I turn it up. I ravage your throat with my piston of a cock, turning the intensity up all the way. The jolt jostles you but I comfort you by putting my hand around your neck. I throw my phone across the room. So you know there’s not gonna be any lessoning of intensity.

The only sounds you hear are the load moans coming from deep within you. Almost primal. And the buzzing of the toys. Squirt. Cum for Daddy. Hit the chair. Win a prize. Can you do it ??

I put my other hand in the back of your head. I’m pounding your mouth. Do you want it in your mouth or on your face ?
Bummer. I want it in your face.
I pull out. Smacking your pussy, my big cock begins swelling, pulsating as you slap your pussy, I’m jacking off on you. Just when my hot creamy semen starts dumping big clods of slippery goo onto your pretty face, your pussy convulses uncontrollably. You squirt with an unequaled passion. Every time my cum sharply and violently smacks you in the face, your pussy erupts. You release a torrent of liquids out your fuck hole like a porn star. Your body is shaking. Quivering.

Your squirt hits the chair. Saturating it. You can take no more of the vibes and you beg me to turn them off.
Can’t. Phones over there.
Your body is covered in wet. Your face, in my thick cum. The bed is soaked and you’re beginning to get cold from all the cum.

I pull out the vibes and grab my phone. Turning them off. You begin to ask me what you won for hitting the chair.
It’s weird. We didn’t hear those sounds before ? The bedroom door is cracked open.
And in the quietness of the night, it sure sounds like someone’s there. Was the door always cracked open ? Is someone watching us ? Do you hear people outside the door ?
I check your handcuff. Making sure it’s secure. And I go to the door.

Your cuffed to a bed of cum. Exhausted. You hear me say, as I open the door, here’s your prize.

There’s a couple at the door. Naked. They’ve been watching you the whole time. The girl is on her knees. His cock. In her mouth.
The girl immediately climbs on you and puts her pussy on your face. She squats down and rubs it in your face. You taste cum from inside her. You can feel the man between your thighs. He’s kissing the girl and his cock, still wet from her lips, dances wildly on your belly. The girl guides his hot piece of nan-meat inside you. He begins fucking you. Kissing her. While she’s rubbing her freshly fucked cunt on your face.

I can tell it’s almost too much for you. You’re trying to get her off with your tongue and nose, and simultaneously trying to milk his cock dry while he fucks you. And my cock is now in your free hand !
Oh. Guess where I’m going !

I bend the girl down just a bit and enter her sweet pussy from behind. I’m just over your face so you lick us both. You notice that the rhythm of both cocks match.

Me and the other guy switch places. Suck his balls. The girl 69’s you and alternately sucks my cock. When I’m not balls deep in your pussy, I’m in her mouth. Meanwhile, her cunt is blasted by another guy, just an inch over your mouth. Rim him. Now. When he’s deep inside her. Rim him.

I pull your hips up and decide I wanna break your ass. You feel the head of my cock at your ass opening. It’s quivering. Puckering. Waiting entry and destruction. I put him in, but barely. Just the head. The other guy mounts up and starts fucking you again. Of course, this pushes me up deeper into your ass. The girl puts her pussy by your pretty face and is rubbing herself. Omg she’s gonna squirt on your face !
My cock throbs inside you. You’re breathing is erratic. We’re ALL coming at the same time. Cum hun. Cum while my cock is in your ass. I wanna feel it squeeze me as you cum. Just then, the girl let’s put a scream and a stream. She cums on your face. The guy inside you, seeing that, dumps a hot load of steamy cum deep inside you. You begin to cum again, you can’t hold back. Your intensity draws the hot goo out of my cock. You feel it run down your ass.

We pull our cocks out and point their shafts at your two girls faces for clean up.

You both willingly clean us up.

I take your hand out of the handcuff and massage your wrist. I kiss you gently and walk you to the hot tub. The waters hot and ready for you. I have an ice water waiting for all of us. While you’re in the tub I kiss the back of your neck and massage your shoulders. I have a warmed, wet wash cloth. I clean your pretty face. I hold your cool drink to your lips as I slip my fingers gently over your nipples. What’s that ? Is someone at the door ?!
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