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Slow Dance

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I wish more Doms understood the value

of anticipation. It’s a slow dance, a gentle

coaxing. You cannot bulldoze your way

onto the pedestal of our devotion. Go

slow. Creep like a hunter through the

high grass. Get to know your prey.

I am not Bambi, quick to startle,

doe eyes and trembling legs. I am strong,

smart, quick. Cautious. I want to be caught,

but I won’t walk into the trap of a fumbling

predator, one who doesn’t know to watch,

wait. Show me your hand, and understand

what I want to see. Your intelligence;

your integrity. Show me that you have

the confidence, the experience, to know,

that if I see you, get to know you, I’ll walk

right into your arms. Dance with you. Lift

you up onto the pedestal, and devote myself

to you.

That is so true and well written.🐶
I really enjoyed this, thank you for sharing with us 😊
 A very good point in my opinion, beautifully written and eloquently stated.
True, enduring trust, devotion, adoration are built and earned over time and demonstration, of worthiness of receiving them on both sides. 
Not chanced upon like a jackpot at the roulette wheel 
Very well stated! I love the description, and agree fully!
This is so accurate

The playing with words between the prey and the hunter, the twists and turns during the chase is often the best part of forming a new dynamic, the rush of adrenaline that can arise from it is just as heady as any play that may ensue as a result of capturing your prey!

Very beautifully written as always...


If you can not capture my mind, you will never get my sbmission.
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