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The Toy, part 6


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it read the list from the text....

Large Binder clips x4
One very large strong clear bag (human size).
5 rolls of duct tape.
Drawing pins.
Cling film.
Bar of simple soap.
A large carrot, cucumber, corn on cob and a box of 3 condoms all bought in the same transaction.... with receipt!

it arrived at the house with its bag full of the items requested. it placed them on the kitchen table for inspection.
"Kneel cunt" said Master.
They took out all the items, played with them laughing and making comments but no clues. The ideas running around its head were bad enough anyway.
"If given the choice, would you prefer the carrot, cucumber or corn slut?" Said Mistress.
it pondered for a moment,
"The carrot Mistress" it said quietly, thinking its the smallest of the items it had bought, and knowing where it might go.
"Good choice, thats your dinner sorted, guess you know where the other 2 are going" she giggled.
it gave a slight sigh of understanding.
Master told it to sit at the table, it had never sat there before. He took the soap and cut a chunk off. He then handed a small knife to the toy and told it to cut it small, into dust like crumbs. They left it at the table and took the other items away.
Master returned about 30 mins later, scooped up the soap crumbs and put them in a glass of hot water to dissolve. it knew what it was for, it was dreading it.
" Get in the bath tub" he said.
it knelt down with its arse up, it felt the tube going in its arsehole. slowly it felt the pain as its tummy began to fill. it struggled with enemas, couldnt bare the pain and instantly starts to beg. Once full Master gave it the option to hold it in or be plugged, the plug always made it worse for the toy so it chose to hold it.
"3 minutes, starting now" he said.
it knelt there in the tub, pain getting worse, fighting the urge to poop out.
it begged it couldnt hold it anymore, this was the longest 3 mins ever.
"Nearly there, dont you dare let it out"
Then time was up, it got out the tub and onto the loo for release.
Master left it to do what it needed.

Once cleaned the toy stood at the door. Master checked the loo, spotless.
The toy followed Master to the living room. it stood infront of them eyes down. Mistress took off her knickers and told toy to open its mouth, then placed several large strips of tape across ear to ear. They both went behind it, Mistress held its arms together away from its back and Master taped all down its arms like an armbinder(its elbows never get near to touching but an almost V shape is formed). The clingfilm comes into sight, one wrap covering its entire face, letting it struggle for a moment before making a hole at the nose, a few more wraps repeating. Soon its entire head is covered with just the nose exposed. it can hear the tape being pulled off the roll as it feels the tight wraps going over its head. Darkness and tight is all it knows.
They take the large clear bag and tell it to step into it, before pulling it up they place a leg spreader at knee height. its tits are bound in tape tight at the base, then a layer of tape with drawing pins wrapped lightly about an inch from the first binding, just tight enough to feel but not digging in. The bag is pulled all the way up to the neck and sealed off very securely with tape.
They help it down to the floor on its back, its arms hurting from laying on them.
"You are free to do what you want now cunt, you choose from now"
it didnt really understand so it just lay there. it started to shift as arms were hurting more, it decided to try lay on its front, with some effort and wiggling it tipped itself over.
"Mmmpppphhh" it moaned. The weight from its body now on its tits made the tits bulge, the pins now digging in under that pressure. it tried to turn back over, it was hard in the position, but it got there.
"Oh dear, what happened slut?" Mistress smurked.
it felt something put onto its cunt through the plastic, then BUZZZZZ.
"You can cum as many times as you want slut" Mistress said.
The toy wasnt sure why it was allowed but it did eventually cum. Was this it? it didnt understand.

Face up it layed there, it felt hands grab its tits, the nipple squeezed. Then OUCH oh christ, the binder clip, it hates these, it cant take even a minute with them. it begged under its gag.
"You want them off? Of course they can come off"
The clips removed but at the same time a piece of tape put over its nose.
Now it couldnt breathe..... moments past and it was soon begging for air.
"Oh you want to breathe? Of course you can", the tape removed but the clips went back on its nipples.
The toy now knew the predicament it was in. Pain or breathing was its choice. They played this game for about 30mins, then let it rest.... well kinda BUZZZZ BUZZZZ BUZZZZ it cum again and squirted inside the bag. it felt its juice pool around its butt and back. it needed to turn as its arms hurt so much, but it new the liquid would follow, the pins would dig in.... but it had to.
it stayed on its front for as long as it could but had to turn again. it was soaked in its own mess.
BUZZZ BUZZZZZ BUZZZZZZ god not again it thought. Sure enough it cum, a little more squirt.
"You made a mess on our kitchen floor last time, now you can stay in your own mess" Mistress said.
it was left there to soak and turn....

You didn’t point me to part 2 yet as you promised you would. ????????

They are all in the forums x

3 minutes ago, Alex10473 said:

You didn’t point me to part 2 yet as you promised you would. ????????


In your profile I thought you said those into part 2 could ask to be pointed to it.

Yes..... they are in the forum under bdsm stories, thats me pointing it out lol x x x

Or you can ask in a private message for them x

18 minutes ago, Alex10473 said:

In your profile I thought you said those into part 2 could ask to be pointed to it.


Absolutely beautiful, gripping and arousing. 😈😈❤️❤️😈😈

Thank you, hopefully you found the other parts as it all flows on from each part x

19 minutes ago, switch6962 said:

Absolutely beautiful, gripping and arousing. 😈😈❤️❤️😈😈


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