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It's a dance. A masked ball, where
a writhing mass of hedonists twirl
and contort to catch your attention. Here,
a pair of startling blue eyes; there, a glance
of a breast, rounded and pale and tipped
with a jewel that pinches deliciously. Waists
held in by corsets, legs clad in fishnets. Heels
that stretch the calf and demand balance.
Gracefulness. A cock, trapped in a cage,
a tongue protruding from the confines of a ring
gag. A pounding beat smothers the gasps
and moans and whimpers as the participants
parade and pirouette and posture. You stand
on the edge of the dance floor and watch.
Wait for a gap in the crowd, a pause in the beat,
so that you might take a tentative step. Eyes
see you, crimson mouths smirk. Fresh meat.
A lamb wandering into the slaughterhouse
with trembling legs and sweating palms and
a desperate yearning to belong. You enter,
because it's that or leave, and you will not
be called a coward. Gazes rake over your
exposed flesh, fingertips graze the frills
of your underwear that's somehow outerwear.
A partner steps forward, but he wants to tango
and you don't know the steps. He turns away
and someone new sweeps you into a waltz.
It's too rigid, too confining. You break free
and try to dance alone, but everywhere are
the sighs of ecstacy and you know you're
missing out. You spin, searching for a new
playmate. A Dom, a switch. A sadist? You try
this new pattern, feet feeling out the steps.
Is this it? Is this right? You look around, try
to measure yourself against the other dancers,
but they are moving to a rhythm only they
can hear. You close your eyes. Feel the beat.
Let it move you. Feel it settle in you. Dance,
move, find your own rhythm, and wait
for the one who moves in tandem.
I’ll just shuffle in and firmly grab her by the right ass check/lower back, other hand lady thigh in the back. Pull her close, elegantly twirl her out, pull her close, and as the music climbs, drap her back as my hand skin up her back. And just like that she would be salsa’d away.
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