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Her First Training Session - Part 2 -


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After climbing the stairs to the third floor, Lulu took the sharp left leading to suites 300 to 304, the four apartments that flanked the front of the building facing a small park across the street. Lulu liked that the units were referred to as “Suites, she had never heard that term before but felt it implied something of high quality and sophistication. Status symbols had never been important to her and for a long time she wondered why this one did, then at some point she realized that it wasn’t the status at all, she just liked how the word looked in the scrolling cursive typography engraved into the nickel coated medallion on her front door, Suite 303 just really appealed to Lulu. The park views that ads for the building boasted turned out to be a small double hung window that was one of only two windows in her suite, along with a second in the sleeping area that continued through a wall and into the bathroom due to some remodeling that saved the building owners money when an inspection twenty years earlier revealed over a dozen code violations that had to be addressed. Lulu had learned all of this during one of her first of many conversations with her neighbor in Suite 304, Mrs. Patton, who had lived in the building since it’s opening in late 1946 after her husband returned from the war. Mrs. Patton was always quick to point out that her husband wasn’t the famous war general nor was he related to George Patton, although he proudly would have been. Mr. Patton had passed away many years before Lulu moved into the building and Mrs. Patton wasn’t sure, because she said her rememberer wasn’t as good as it used to be, but she thinks her husband may have died before Lulu was even born. Lulu just assumed rememberer meant memory, but she had never heard the word before and was unable to find it in her Websters Dictionary, 33rd Edition. It was one of the many things Mrs. Patton said that made Lulu laugh. And Lulu wasn’t as big of a laugher as a lot of people are, or so she was reminded by her store manager every time he told a joke. Lulu knew she didn’t laugh much but she wanted to tell her manager that wasn’t the reason she didn’t laugh at his jokes, it was because they were never funny. Plus, work wasn’t a laughing matter, that’s how Lulu had been raised. She didn’t know her neighbors in Suite 302, they just moved in, a couple about Lulu’s age that referred to each other as domestic partners and always seemed to be in a rush and uninterested in getting to know her. Lulu pressed the toe of her New Balance 701 sneaker against the bottom of the door, which made it easier to turn the key to the old deadbolt and as soon as the door opened she was greeted by Mister Beebs, her beloved cat and bestest friend ever in the world. The cat stretched way out, yawned and purred as he rubbed against Lulu’s pant leg. This was Lulu’s favorite part of the day, being reunited with Mister Beebs. Her least favorite was leaving each morning knowing that he would be stuck inside the suite all day alone. She had really wanted one of those kitty cams so she could keep an eye on Mister Beebs and see what he did all day while she was at work but Reggie, her favorite co-worker told her they were $150 and he guaranteed her Mister Beebs slept most of the day. Reggie told her that cats sleep 16 of 24 hours, which Lulu found fascinating since she had cats her entire life and hadn’t noticed it. But Reggie was the smartest person she knew and she was sure Reggie would never lie to her. Afterall, he was her second bestest friend ever in the world after Mister Beebs. Lulu named Mister Beebs after her first love Justin Beiber. She originally named him Mister Beibs but didn’t like how the ei looked and changed it to ee. She was sure Justin Beiber wouldn’t mind as she had read that he too is a stickler for details. She added Mister because she thought that would be more clear, when she told others about her cat, and that she hadn’t befriended Justin Beiber, as much as she wished she would at the time. As the cat whined, Lulu, coat still on and yet to set down her things from the walk home, pulled a can of Trader Joe’s Tuna Fish Packed In Oil from the cupboard and pulled gently on the ring until it made a snapping sound and the smell of fish filled the air. Lulu was afraid Mister Beebs was going to have a stroke when he first smelled it, although she really didn’t know if cats even had strokes and made an addition to her “Get it done” list: Google cat + strokes. The tuna was usually for the half of tuna fish sandwich she had at her lunch break each day, but she was out of cat food and wouldn’t be able to get more until she could clean the apartment. Lulu always followed her “Get it done” list in the order it was written in her head and if she made one exception who knows where that would lead. Mister Beebs had nearly finished the entire can of tuna by the time Lulu had unpacked her things and she knew why. She always bought the tuna packed in oil instead of water. It’s less expensive and that doesn’t make any sense since water is like free and the oil must cost the company something, so it seemed a far superior value while also tasting better. Reggie says the tuna in oil isn’t as healthy but Lulu had heard that even geniuses have weak areas and thought tuna must be one of Reggie’s and then was easily able to ignore his warnings.

As Lulu finished unpacking she came across the crumpled piece of paper from the scary wooden post. She had no idea how it got all crumpled and hoped she would be able to make out the phone number as she was sure all the little papers at the bottom of the sign would be gone by now since everyone loves something free. She smoothed out the paper and, relieved to be able to make out the number, picked up her iPhone 11, a perk from working at the mobile phone store, and very carefully dialed the number, barely able to contain her excitement. She tried to remain calm as she knew that all the free offers had likely already been spoken for and then just as she heard the phone ring the third time her call was answered. “Good Evening, welcome to The Training Spot how may I help you” and Lulu tried to catch her breath and became nervous. The voice on the other end was an unusual mix of soft and sultry that Lulu had only heard from actresses in the old classic movies she preferred. And for some reason she had expected it to be a man, to her it was surprising that a woman would work at a submissive and slave training facility. “Hello, is any one there?” the luxurious voice slowly asked. “Yes, umm yes, this is Alice, no it’s Lulu…” and the woman’s voice reassuringly interrupted Lulu “it’s fine dear, most are a bit nervous at first but I’ll take very good care of you”. Lulu let out a sigh and explained all about how she had seen the sign, how next time they should use more than one color on their signs, yet nonetheless she had one of the lucky pieces of paper to prove she qualified for the free offer. The woman on the other end remained calm and patient, explaining to Lulu that all of her questions and concerns would be covered before the session and only wanted to confirm that Lulu understood that the free training was sexual in nature and that the only requirements were that Lulu understood this and that she would be expected to fully undress for the training . “Well duh” Lulu responded and then immediately wished she could take the words back and tried to explain that she didn’t have any experience, but had seen many BDSM videos online and had always wanted to be tied up and used sexually.” Surprised by Lulu’s candor the woman said “Well then you will have a great time here, how about 8:00pm tomorrow?” Lulu quickly scanned the Get it Done lists in her head and said “That suits my schedule fine, I’ll be there” and carefully took down the address and instructions from the sultry sounding woman and added Thursday 8:00pm Submissive and Slave Training to her Get it Done list.
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