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Diamonds a girls best friend ? Chapters one and two!!

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Chapter one.

Jane had been married to Peter for fourteen years. Boys from her previous marriage had left home and had found partners of their own. Jane cleaned and cooked and did all the domestic jobs around the home. She also had a part time job at the local McDonalds. However, it was not really enough, something was missing. Jane had a high sex drive and loved her love life with Peter. He couldn't seem to get enough of her and was insatiable. Peter loved to go down on her and she returned the favour with equal passion. She had mastered her gag reflex and was justifiably proud that she could take him in all the way to the back of her throat, swallowing him, the tip of her tongue lapping at his balls until he would cum down her throat. No real need to swallow the seed as it already entered her throat.

Peter had become quite good at pussy eating. Jane had been patient at the beginning of their marriage but had given him detailed instructions of just how she liked him to perform. He started slow. Kissing her neck. Jane loved that she felt adored when he did and the longer he kept it up the more her anticipation grew. She would hold his head between her hands unwilling to let him continue until he masterfully would drag himself lower. Before he did anything, he would open his mouth and just breath out on her breasts. The hot air from his mouth teased her and her nipples would start to harden. Her areola shrinking slightly as the skin tightened. Then he would start kissing her tits. Little soft pecks to the underside where she was sensitive before moving to her nipples those little bumps on her large brown areola. He would take them in his mouth. Suck them increasing the blood flow. Then with the tip of his tongue, he would trace little circles around Jane's areola. Flicking the nipple with the very tip of his warm tongue. Licking her with the flat of his tongue wetting her, teasing her then as gently as he could nibble on her. If he got it right Jane would not only be getting hot and bothered, wet and juicy for later but she could actual cum. It would kind of sneak up on her and then explode as if from nowhere, the sensations spreading out from her beasts throughout her whole body as Peter worked and her pleasure built slowly and gradually. Before long, Jane would have a powerful climax, coming as it did in waves like a tsunami. The first wave was devastating, wrecking her entire body, before the following waves took her again and again. It was often more intense when she was menstruating; that slightly awkward time of the month when her hormones caused her to be a bit more tender, her nerves a little shorter. It was a mixed blessing.

When Peter saw her close her eyes and her head flop back, he felt a slight bit of pride as her breath became ragged through her party opened mouth. It was time to move on. Leaving her breast still heaving he gave little small kisses and watched the goose bumps grow as he worked his way down over her stomach, shifting, so he knelt between her legs. One hand on each thigh he spread her. Not that it was necessary. She would already have her legs open for him yearning to get on with it. It was him being masterful letting her know she didn't have a choice. He kissed her thighs. First the left then the right. Careful not to leave a mark he built the tension slowly, moving towards her pussy lips. Left then right, closer and closer before the kisses landed on her cunt. Once there he kissed up and down her swollen lips, enjoying the musky aroma that resonated from her before sticking his tongue between her lips. He played up and down. Just the tip to start with but soon burying his whole tongue as deep as he could his lips against hers, his mouth wide, sucking as if he hadn't eaten for weeks,trying to lick her as deeply as he could. Jane would buck her hips up to his mouth. Sometimes from when he first touched her but when her arse left the mattress and hung in the air, it was time to reach for her clit, that small button at the top of her slit. It would already be out of its hiding place, engorged and waiting for Peter to suck on it. He'd suck on it. Jane would relax. The final stage of his worship of her body was starting. She would put her head back, close her eyes and just enjoy the ride. Peter slipped two fingers into Jane's hot slimy whole. Bending them slightly he found her g-spot and started to press and massage it. Peter's mouth clamped over her clit sucking and releasing, flicking it with his tongue he would work on Jane like this as she steadily climbed the hill for her next roller coaster ride. It would never take long, the ground work well and truly done. After shuddering through another climax, Peter moved up the bed and lay next to Jane before taking her in his strong arms and hugging her close.

It was during one of these cuddles that Jane, in the warm after glow stated, "Darling you know I sometimes look at porn when you aren't around?" It was a rhetorical question. Peter had sometimes looked at the browser history and was a bit surprised to see some BDSM searches. He hadn't left them there. He had been curious and had investigated the history a little more carefully. He had found videos of girls being punished. They had played a kinky game taking three punishments from a large pin board before stripping and collecting the punishment. Five strokes of the cane on the bottom. Four strikes from a wire on the stomach. Six from a horse-riding crop three on each hand. Each time tied up. Sometimes bent over on a wiping stool. Sometimes spread out on a large upright frame, vulnerable to the woman or man holding the cane. Naked with the cuffs still on their wrists, they returned to select the next punishment. It had turned him on.

Jane continued, "I want to find out what it feels like to be spanked." Peter hesitated. He wasn't sure about this. The thought about slapping someone had always turned him on but he did not like the idea of pain. Seeing the apprehension on her husband's face Jane said, "Not too hard, just see what it's like, see if we enjoy it, it will be ok, please for me?" "Ok", Peter replied. Jane threw back the covers and kneeling, her legs together, she put her arms on to the mattress. Her ass in the air. It was an erotic sight. Smack. It stung Jane but Peter had held back and she knew it. "Harder”, she demanded. This blow landed in the same spot and really stung. Jane bit her lip as the warmth radiated out. She was enjoying this, the mastery he had over her was pushing her buttons. Even after the orgasms she had just had she could feel a twitch in her pussy, the dampness beginning to grow. "Again." Smack. This time thankfully on the other cheek. "More". Smack ."Four, thank you, can I have six?" Smack. "Five, thank you, can I have another?" Smack. The final blow. "How was it?" Peter asked. Jane turned to him, tears from the pain in her eyes. "Wonderful", she said. "Just what I always thought it might be. Look, feel". She guided his hand to her sodden warm pussy lips. He had never felt her so wet. "I see you enjoyed it too", Jane said slipping a hand around Peter's rock hard cock. They hugged, returned to under the covers and where soon asleep.

The next morning Jane was feeling a bit frisky. She woke and immediately ran her hand down over Peter's body. She found him hard. Throwing back the covers she grasped his rod. She rubbed him up and down allowing the foreskin to bump over his head. It was not long before Peter woke up, a smile on his face. "Is that a nice way to wake up?" Jane asked, propped on a bent arm, she stared into his eyes. "Come here." Peter dragged her on top of him. Jane let his cock go as her left leg rose up over his body before she straddled him. She was ready for him and reached down she took his member and rubbing the head up and down between her wet lips. She located him in her love tunnel, before impaling herself. One swift action all the way to the hilt. She languished in how full she felt, before starting to move her hips back and forth, him squirming inside her was a lovely feeling. Peter did not sit idly by. He started to thrust in and out of her, matching her rhythm. They soon quickened the tempo, climaxing together as they normally did. Jane's climax triggered when she felt him twitch and thrust deep into her and grunt as his cum hit her cervix. Covering her inners with the warm sticky fluid. Embracing, "That was nice." Jane said. "Did you enjoy last night?" Peter asked his mind filled with images of the girls bent submissively. "Loved it!" Jane replied enthusiastically. "Want to do it again?" Peter inquired. "I am a little sore from last night, maybe later. How about some breakfast?" Jane said getting out of bed and slipping a dressing gown on.

After breakfast, Peter thought he ought to do some research. He quickly found out about aftercare and started to learn all sorts of things. He found he liked reading stories about BDSM and it gave him plenty of ideas. He didn't much like the idea of punishing Jane without a reason. He had always been very respectful towards her but this new power he had over her really intrigued him. It was late afternoon by the time he had finished reading and he knew what he wanted. He was going to turn his wife into his slave. She already did the cleaning and cooking so that wasn't going to change much. No, she was going to become his love slave. His slut to do what he wanted with in the bedroom and he would punish her if she didn't please him. He would buy a paddle, a cane, some cuffs and rope. The order in, he went to find her.

Dressed in tight jeans, shirt and woollen jumper he found her in the kitchen starting on the evening meal. He spied her arse as it flexed in the blue denim. Boy did he love that arse. Smack. He struck her a firm blow. He had swung his hand from his hip and it landed on her left cheek. As it did Jane let out squeak. He had never done anything like it and she enjoyed how masterful it felt. He left his right hand there on her arse rubbing it gently. He moved closer and slipped his left arm round her waist. Pulling her back against his body he whispered in her ear "Let's go to the bedroom". Jane turned off the cooker and followed him.

Sitting on the bed, Peter started, "I have decided on some changes. I have spent the day looking at the Internet. You are going to become my slave." "My sex slave." He emphasised the words. "From now on you are my slut and I want you to address me as Master, Sir occasionally and Peter in public. Do you understand?" Jane nodded she thought about arguing but she liked something in this take charge Peter.

"Get on your knees slut and put your hands behind your back. Touch your left elbow with your right hand and your right elbow with your left hand." Jane complied. Peter's research had kicked in.He studied the woman before him like he had never done before. "Take off your jumper." Jane stripped it off and threw it on the floor. She put her hands down by her sides. "Hands behind your back" Peter reminded her. Once she had returned to the proper position, he continued, "Now take off the shirt." It followed the jumper on the floor this time Jane returned her hands to behind her back. Jutting out her chest, constrained by her white bra, Peter admired it and the treasures it contained within. However, it wasn't very sexy. He would have to do something about that. "You have lovely tits." He had never remarked on her body before, especially using such language and Jane blushed with the compliment. "Show me them. Take off your bra." Her hands already behind her back Jane did not have to move them far to unhook the bra. She clasped the front of the material one hand over each tit and pealed it away letting the shoulder straps fall down her arms with a slight shrug. She threw it on the gathering pipe of clothes. Carefully to remember to return her hands back behind her back. She stuck her chest proudly out.

Peter reached out and fondled her left tit. Temporary distracted, his eyes drifted before he snapped back. Retracting his hand, he stated, "Stand up. Remove your jeans." Jane removed them and added them to the pile. Standing in her white big girl pants. She was not what you would describe as an erotic sight. "A few extra pounds I see" Peter commented. "You have tried diets before and nothing has worked. I am about to change that. As for your knickers, they are a disgrace!" This was unexpected Jane blushed she felt humiliated but there was a certain eroticism in the way he spoke to her. "We will do some shopping later." Peter produced a pair of scissors. He cut the left side of her knickers and then the right simply removing the now useless material he threw it to one side. "Now this hairy thing." He put his hand on her pussy then grabbing a handful of pubes, he whispered in her ear. "I have never liked your bush. Now this pussy is mine and I want my pussy bald. I am going to shave it and you will keep it shaved from now on?" Without waiting for an answer Peter continued. He roughly inserted a finger between her pussy lips. "This cunt. My pussy is not to cum unless I say so." He added a second finger and thrust them in and out quickening the pace. Jane closed her eyes but involuntary moved her feet apart giving him better access. Peter continued the sexual assault till he could see Jane was beginning to climb the hill to her climax. Then as quickly as he had started, he withdrew his fingers. "Take over slut. Remember don't cum until you are told. Now bend over."

Jane bent over and put her right hand down to what was now his pussy. Wetting her fingers she sort out her clit and started to rub it slowly. Slap. The blow hit her right cheek. "This ass is mine to punish as I see fit. Or pleasure if I like" Peter rubbed his hand gently over Jane's ass. Then slid his fingers into her warm crack. He rubbed up and down before searching out the rose bud of her anus. Standing over her, he let a drop of saliva out of his mouth to lubricate her as he inserted his finger. It wasn't enough so he let another trail of drawl join the first. Now he inserted his finger as Jane struggled to relax her sphincter. Her mind trying to fight what her right hand was slowly doing to her body. "Relax" slap Peter whacked her right cheek with his left hand slightly uncontrolled but a good shot. Jane doubled her efforts and his finger invaded her ring for the first time. They had never done anything like this and it was a new experience a powerful mark of his new control over her. The double stimulation was suddenly to much for Jane she started to climax and shudder her legs wobbled, her head spun from begin bent over. As it over took her she couldn't do anything about it her ass clenched the invading finger. Peter knew what was happening. "YES" he triumphantly said in his mind.

"Slut who gave you permission to cum?" It was rhetoric. "Assume the position. Kneel on the bed you get six for that" Peter was in his new element. He felt powerful and Jane loved it too. She obeyed it felt good to be told what to do. She returned to the position of last night and waited. Smack the first blow landed. Peter paused. "You are meant to count them thank me and ask for the next one. We will start again" smack "One. Thank you, can I have another?" "No slut. Get it right you address me as Master. Say thank you Master. From the beginning." Smack "One. Thank you Master. Can I have another?" The six or now eight were quickly and correctly administered and they both loved every minute of it. Once over Peter said "stay there" he went and fetched Jane's face cream and applied a small amount to her ass rubbing it in lovingly.

Then Peter fetched his razor from the bathroom. Returning he order Jane "lie on your back. Spread your legs, knees up, feet on the bed. It's time to see to that bush." He settled between her legs and pushed them a little wider. Then using the trimmer he removed her long hairs before using the head of the shaver to complete his work. The buzzing of the blades turning Jane on a little bit more. He stepped back and admired his work. As bald as the day she was born. Her lips full and pouting her hole gapped slightly and a dribble of her juices pooled at the bottom. Peter admired the erotic sight. The bulge in his trousers clearly showing his enjoyment. After taking a mental picture. He stripped quickly out of his clothes and wasted no time before burying himself in her warm wet hole. As he neared his climax, he nearly forgot about Jane but instead of grunting as he normally did, he whispered "Cum for me slut.” The words and his new power over her as well as his sperm filling her insides and the burning of her ass, a very powerful combination triggered a response she had not know the like of before. She squirted. "Oh" Peter said as she sprayed all over him. "Did you just squirt?" "Yes my Master. Do you mind?" Jane asked a little tenderness and respect in her voice. "I didn't know you did that. It's very sexy" Peter countered. "Neither did I." They kissed deeply and passionately. A new world of possibilities lay ahead.

Chapter two.

Shopping for clothes was the first thing on the agenda. Out went all the knickers that Jane was so comfortable with. Replaced with sexy underwear they bought together. Peter had taken Jane shopping the next day and they visited M&S but only found a few items. River Island and Bonmarché proved better. Peter picked out matching bras and particularly underwire ones. He was disappointed not to be allowed into the changing rooms and nearly insisted that Jane come out in to the store and show him the underwear on. In the end the found they could discreetly use their phones. Jane took a photo in the changing room mirror and sent it to Peter. He texted back yes and no and they moved on. For the dresses and other clothes Jane would put the item on and go and find Peter who was looking through the racks of clothes find more for her to try. Some of the things he had her try were very revealing. Sometimes her ass hung out and at other times her tits overflowed the top her bra clearly visible. She even took her bra off for one item and nearly flashed her breasts to the entire store. Peter had loved that item and despite Jane blushing and protesting slightly they bought it. With luck she wouldn't have to wear it out.

Peter wanted to find some string bikinis and although it wasn't the summer season, he thought there might be one or two to choose from. Women might always need a bikini for a foreign holiday and the pool. They searched hard and asked the shop assistant but they didn't have any in stock. Jane wasn't sure about string bikinis. They weren't her style they would show too much of her body on the beach. She wondered what they might be for but didn't really feel it was her place to ask any more. Peter knew he could have a better selection online and a string bikini would not require a specific fit. He still wished that they had been able to try them on in the store. No wonder up and down the country the High Street was becoming just a few banks, coffee shops, charity shops and Poundland stores.

Certainly not everything was to Jane's taste but she started to see a pattern in what Peter picked for her. Most of it was very sexy. Some very short skirts she hoped he would let her change before she had to go out because otherwise she would be flashing her knickers at everybody in town.

For the trip Peter had chosen a dress for her to wear and selected a nice green matching bra and knicker set, self-supporting stockings and 4" black heels completing the outfit. As the day went on they got a little tired and Peter decided it was time to stop for a coffee before heading home. They could complete the new wardrobe from the Internet. He would have a bigger and better choice. Select a variety of string bikinis.

He ordered a flat white coffee for himself and a herbal tea for Jane without even asking her. He selected peppermint. So, this was it, she no longer got a choice, no longer asked. He had chosen her favourite but if she had picked, she probably would have gone for a breakfast tea. Peter had tried peppermint tea, only once when Jane had not finished the pot. It tasted of little more than the water. As Jane drank it, she thought how perfect it was. Chosen by him, by her Master.

"Take off your knickers." Jane's mind had wondered off. Her tea gone tepid and his coffee cup empty. They had been sat quietly watching the others in the cafe. "Take off your knickers and give them to me", Peter repeated. She heard him but stared back trying to understand what he was asking. "I saw it in fifty shades of grey." He explained, "I won't ask again and I will have to punish you." Jane slipped a hand under her dress as discreetly as she could, wiggled her hips and bent over lowering her face to the table as she peeled them down her legs. Collecting them in a bunch, she passed them over placing them in Peter's open outstretched hand. He closed his fingers around them. No one noticed the exchange. He put them in his pocket. He could have sniffed them but didn't feel brave enough. It was a lovely feeling the control he had over his wife. Weeks earlier they would have been bulky knickers and she would have refused point blank. Now she did as he wished because he wanted it. It turned him on and turned her on. This new power dynamic was intoxicating. He wondered just how far he could push things. Make her finger herself at the table. Have sex with her in the gents loo. "One thing at a time”, he thought to himself before speaking to her. "Let's go home. You deserve a reward."


To be continued............😉


Fabulous. I Love it. Please continue!
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