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Diamonds a girl's best friend? (Chapter 4)

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Jane was enjoying her new position. She worked hard and it was showing on her figure. Gone was her flabby belly. Replaced with a nice flat mid drift she was in good shape especially for a woman of her age. Her ass a lovely shape and firm. Peter loved it. His figure had not gone so well. Jane waitering on him hand and foot was great but being feed well and a lack of exercise was not a good combination. He took to exercising with Jane in the morning. He wore his pants and a track suit to hide the bulge that grew as he watched his lovely wife's taut and slim body work out. It was a bit boring for both of them but he didn't want to join a gym.

Jane had settled into her role and the schedule was easy to follow. She obeyed Peter out of love and respect for his position over her. She rarely made mistakes or failed to complete her tasks and she longed for more punishments. She could misbehave and earn a punishment. She loved the affectionate slaps on her ass in the morning but it had been ages since she got a good hiding. She was beginning to miss it. One morning after breakfast she took it up with Peter. He agreed to think of something.

That evening instead of sitting watching TV he searched the Internet for ideas. After a while he had a plan. He explained it to Jane "I found this game on the internet but we are going to adapt it slightly." Peter explained. "We use a deck of card. Harts are kiss. Clubs are lick. Diamonds are tickle. Spades are massage. The number of cards is the number of minutes. For you the suites will represent Harts, kisses. Clubs hand. Dimond riding crop. Spades paddle. The number of the card the number of strokes. We shuffle the cards and deal 5 to each player. Set deck between us. Then take it turns when it's your turn, you draw a card and then 'play' a card of your choice by laying it in the discard pile, face up. Whatever the card reads, that defines the action and duration or stokes that must be completed to the body part chosen by the player. Any questions?" "When does the game end?" Jane asked. "When I cum." Peter replied.

Jane was unsure. She had some control, not that she wanted it. She had a free choice over where she was to be hit. That would mean she could spread it out over her body. Jane could also chose the implement of her torture limited by the cards she held at any one time. She would have to be brave and careful. She would have to play the clubs and have the paddle on her ass. Particular if it was high card. She could simply hold on to a high club and hope the game would end before she had to play it. If she did that she might end up with a lot of high cards that she would be forced to play one of them receiving the strokes on an already sore part of her body. She could simply play the high cards and accept the pain.

Peter was unsure. He didn't want the game to last too long. It sounded very painful and although he thought that's what Jane wanted, having thirteen strokes in one place sounded a lot. At least if Jane got some harts in her hand she could have several minutes of him kissing her anywhere she chose. Peter hoped for the King of spades confident he could get her to massage his cock and make him cum in the thirteen minutes he would be allowed. Although Jane may thwart his attempts to end the game doing it slowly so he didn't cum. That was unlikely.

He shuffled the deck and got Jane to cut the cards. Dealing the first hand Jane got five, jack, queen of clubs (slaps) and the ace and queen of hearts (kisses). Peter got ten, jack, queen of diamonds (tickle) and ten of clubs (lick) and eight of spades (massage) that might just be enough to end the game but he doubted it. He would have to relax and Jane use her hands well. Peter started and drew seven of clubs. He played it, pealing off his shirt he chose his chest in particular his nipples. If women could have an orgasm from having their tits being played with. He had read that men could too. Peter set a timer on his phone and started it. Jane started slowly teasing his chest with little licks from the tip of her tongue. Running up his pecks teasing the nipples. She rang circles round his nipples. Then Jane licked his left nipple with the flat of her tongue pulling it across him. Seven minutes later his chest was damp from Jane's spittle. Her mouth tired from the work. His cock was hard and throbbing but although it had been good he hadn't cum.

Jane drew eight of clubs. Wanting a little revenge she picked the ace of heart. She picked one minute of kissing. French kissing. She hadn't got a real nice kiss for a long time and she missed how she used to get all the kisses she wanted, when she wanted them. For Jane still settling for the new regime taking a little control for once was not a problem. Peter set the timer again. The kiss was full of passion. The timer went off very quickly it didn't seem like a minute it was over in a flash Jane was a little disappointed.

Five of spades for Peter. He chose to play this immediately again. He removed his trousers and pants setting the timer. He said "Try your best. Go" it was clear to Jane what Peter wanted and she grabbed his tool spat on her hand and started to rub. After four minutes he was beginning to breathe heavy his rod ridged and hot. Pre cum on the tip of his dick glistening as Jane rubbed as quickly as she could. Peter tried hard not to cum, gritting his teeth for the last minute. He won this round.

Jane drew nine of diamonds (riding crop). With four clubs (slaps) in her hand she better pick one. She picked the eight of clubs. She could have selected the five but took the eight on the arse. Peter got Jane to bend over and hold her knees. He started slow and sure alternating left and right cheeks. The repeated blows soon warmed and reddened her arse. She smiled. The warm glow from her backside triggered a response deep inside her. Peter loved the glow and feeling of power.

Next out the pack the four of diamonds (tickle). Peter chose the ten of diamonds from his hand. He thought he would be general and picked his torso. They adjourned to the bedroom. Peter stretched out on the bed. He hadn't been tickled for years. Well he couldn't really remember being tickled as a youth but he was certain he was. Jane picked up a feather and ran it over his chest getting little response she tried his sides. He squirmed away from the feather trying to stop the sensation. Little goose bumps appeared on his skin. He had wondered about letting Jane tickle his dick but as the ten minutes passed he began to like the idea less and less.

Four of hearts (kisses) Jane drew from the pack. This was turning into a long game. The tickling had turned her on and she felt like getting some release. She picked the queen of hearts and getting boldly said "I want you to kiss my pussy" "That's my pussy" Peter pointed out "and you aren't allowed to cum without permission." Thinking for a bit he added "because of your presumption I am not going to give you permission and you better not cum." Jane gulped. This had gone wrong this was going to be torture. It started with gentle kisses on her lips as Peter started kissing his pussy. Jane was soon wet. The kisses became deeper and deeper. He soon moved to her sensitive clit and sucked it in to his mouth. Kisses were being taken quite liberally. Moans soon escaped Jane's lips as she tried not to cum. By the time the bell sounded her body was covered in sweat. Showing the effort she was putting in to it. She had been squirming away trying to keep the sensations under control.

Peter got the seven of spades. He had seven and eight of spades (massage) ten of clubs (lick) four, jack and queen of diamonds (tickle). He played the ten of clubs. Thinking it would end the game. Jane had a talented mouth and it had become better with her morning practice. Jane took her lead from the kisses she had got. To start with she teased him. Running the tip of her tongue up and down his shaft. Then licking with the flat of her tongue she started at the bottom of his shaft. She kind of wanted to keep the game going. Every time she got to his sensitive head Jane pulled herself away. As the time ticked away Peter started to get frustrated, bucking his hips to get himself in her mouth. She kept her right hand on him holding station not allowing him to get closer than she wanted. When the buzzer went off he was nowhere near. He looked at Jane what did she have in mind this was not how he expected the game to be played. Perhaps she was trying to get her own back for his earlier pussy kissing. It didn't seem right he was a bit pissed off.

Six of hearts more kisses. Jane wouldn't make the same mistake. Her own climax had faded and her heart rate had slowed. She played the five of clubs. More slaps. Again on her ass. Three on the right and two on the left. Bravely taken they were firm and a nice resounding noise from each strike. Jane had simply bent over and held her angles stretching her ass for Peter. He forgave her for tormenting him.

Nine of spades. His hand had a nice run seven, eight and nine of spades. He played the nine, setting the time he smiled at Jane. "Time to finish this game I think" He said. Jane smile "Yes Master" she meant it, she would try her hardest. She started slowly but firmly and quickly increased the tempo. It didn't take three minutes let alone the nine they were allowed. He spurted out spraying his cum every where. All over Jane's tits and face ribbons of white cum dripping from her body. "Let's run you a bath" Peter suggested. "Then I will rub some cream into your sore ass." They added some lavender bath salts to the hot water. The fragrance filled the bathroom. Peter didn't join his wife in the tub. Tempting as it was, he washed her with a sponge, standing by the edge of the tub. Leaving her to dry he went to the bedroom and dimmed the light adjusting to a soft glow.

Jane joined him. He was already in the bed the covers over his body keeping his naked body warm. Having cum he was not going to be able to repeat the experience any time soon. As she slipped under the covers he put his arms out and pulled her to his chest. It was a warm embrace. He grabbed her hair and pulled her back, she opened her mouth and he kissed her deeply. He proceeded to her neck. Kissing her lovingly. Moving on to her breasts he breathed hot air forgetting nothing of what he did before she was his slave. He took his time moving from stage to stage. Jane responded to his mouth. He moved down the bed and took up position between her legs. Spreading her thighs firmly he pulled them up the bed with his hands opening her up to his gaze. It was a lovely sight. His bald pussy. Her hole gapped open a puddle of her sweat musky juices glistened at the bottom of her slit. It did not take long before he was greedily licking and tasting her sticky inners. As she started to climb higher remembering not to cum without permission she held back until she had to start pleading. "Please Sir can I cum?". Peter stopped his administrations longer enough to say roughly. "Cum for me slut."

To be continued…..
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