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I want to know what do you think why some people have fetishes like they have and are really open when it comes to sex while some people are complete opposites? 

What is it that made us to be more open and willing to trying new things? 



I feel that neither is necessarily wrong or right.

the same can be said about anything in life - not just sex/kink but anything like music, food, ways of doing things.   Some people have things which work (and do not work) for them and that's OK.  Others are maybe more curious.

Remember, not everyone in the kink/fetish scene is particularly open. Some have a very narrow set of fetishes/wants and that's OK - sometimes at least a bit easier to manage than those that say they want to try everything.

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Psychologically speaking it probably has a lot to do with our childhoods and the experiences we had. My family were always very closed off about sex and very secretive about it so I guess as an adult I rebelled against that and am now sometimes far too open and up front about it!!!

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