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More Princess Training


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She needs to learn trust and fully give herself to me. She was on the iron rod bed, one handcuff on each wrist, so I can roll her over and move her around.

She had on a blindfold and I turned on a fan to lightly blow on her and tease her skin. I made her wait there. I came into the room and put on her nipple clamps with a chain between them. I lightly tugged on them. 

I slid my hand down her body and she squirmed with excitement. 

I left the room again. Made her wait.

I came back in a while later and teased her clit with my fingers. Rubbed and pinched it.

I fed her my cock. She sucked it softly. I fucked her mouth and made her swallow all of me.

I rolled her over and slid my cock inside her pussy from behind. Pulling her hips back, sliding in deeper and deeper. Inch by inch.

She came. Daddy was mad. You're not supposed to cum without permission.

I pulled out and got ice cubes. 

I rubbed the ice cubes on her nipples, lips and clit.

We started again...

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