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The sweet smell of want. Part 2

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You smile at me
'I think that's up to me my sweet slut' you tell me. I whimper in reply, my pussy soaking wet screaming to touched.
You lower you head and gently flick your tongue on my clit. You breath my scent in and moan, turning me on even more. My hips buck up towards you in response and I moan.
You laugh gently at me 'such a needy slut' 
I am needy, I need for you like I need oxygen. I need to please you, I need you to play with me, control my body and my mind.

I pull against my wrist restraints, my back arching, trying anything in my power to entice you in. 'I need you in me now sir' I moan at you in frustration. You kneel up in front of me and grab my hips pushing me back down.
'Who's in charge here brat?' You ask me firmly, your fingers dragging into my flesh making me whince.
'You sir' I answer. 'Good' you reply 'I'll fucking destroy you when I'm ready'
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