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No deals


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You come back into the room
dressed in black from head to toe.
I pair of metal handcuffs hangs from your belt.

You walk across the room
and press me up against the wall.
In those heels you are looking down on me slightly.

You lean in and press your lips to mine.
You open your mouth a little.
I open mine
and immediately our tongue presses in,
hungrily exploring.

I feel your hand slip inside my pants,
I'm already hard.
Nails gently scraping down the full length.
Your hand envelopes my balls
and starts to squeeze.

I moan but you are still in my mouth.
You devour my discomfort.

Your other hand is on my throat now,
pressing me further against the wall.
I can still breathe
but talking is impossible.

You draw back a little.

"Submit to me.
It's what you want.
Remember this,
there are no rules,
there are no deals.
there are no promises that I must keep."

I can't speak.
My balls ache.

"Do you want me to stop squeezing?"

I give a nod.

Take the cuffs from my belt.
Cuff your hands behind your back."

I do as you tell me.
The handcuffs are snug on my wrist.
You look behind me.
I snap the cuffs apart a couple of times
to show you that I'm secured.

You lean in, close to my face
fixing my eyes with yours.
no rules,
no deals,
no promises".

You start to squeeze even harder.
A rasping whimper escapes my from my mouth.

"Did you think I would stop squeezing
when you put the cuffs on?
It's not fair is it?"

I shake my head.

"I didn't bring you here
and have you render yourself ***
so I could be fair to you!
You are here to eat pussy
and beg for mercy.
I can assure you,
I have precious little of that in store."

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