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I got chatting to someone on this site.
She said she liked feeling ***...

I fold your arms behind your back,
wrist to elbow and tie them together.

From behind,
I reach one hand around,
just under your chin.
I pull you close to me
and tilt your head back.
Maybe you try to say something
but just a little pressure from my hand silences you.

I press my face into your hair
and take a deep breath.
It's smells of... vanilla.
Your little joke?

My lips move to your ear.
"You're mine now.
Do you know what a man like me
will do to a ***, pretty little thing like you?
You'll find out soon".

My mouth finds your earlobe,
sucking a little.
It feels nice at first.
Nibbling, biting, gently
then too hard and too long.
It hurts but your body tingles
as my incisors rake across your earlobe.
You gasp as it finally pops out
and the *** stops.
You notice that your nipples are starting to get hard.
What if I did the same thing to them?

You're wearing that over-sized blue shirt
and black panties, nothing else.
I pull you tight against me.
Your neck and head are tilted back on my shoulder.
You are pulled up on your toes,
your back arching slightly,
teetering on the edge of your balance.

I start to open the buttons on your shirt.
I open it far enough to pull it down off your shoulders.
Your chest is exposed.
Your nipples are rock hard now,
pointing upwards.
I bring my thumb and finger to your mouth.
"Lick them.
Make them nice and slippery".
Your tongue reaches out.
I push my fingers into your mouth.
I move those wet fingers to your nipple.
It feels nice each time I gently squeeze and it pops out.

Squeeze, pop, squeeze, pop.
It feels so nice
but the squeeze gets harder
and the pop take longer.
You feel yourself getting wet between your legs
but now my fingers are dry.
There is no pop, only squeeze..
Tighter and tighter.
Your nipple is on fire between my fingers.
You try to say "stop" but my hand is still on your throat
and all that comes out is a gurgle.
You start to struggle but that just hurts even more.
I'm so close, it takes just a faint whisper.
"Shhhhhh, there's nothing you can do now."

I pull you over to the bed.
I sit on the edge,
you are standing in front of me.
I make a fist on my leg,
my knuckles sticking up.
"Sit. Rub against it".
You open your legs and lower yourself down.
You start grinding against my fist.
While you do that,
my other hand is teasing and torturing your nipples.

"Keep your eyes open.
Look into my eyes.
I control your pleasure.
I control your ***."

You're making a lot of noise now.
You're having too much fun.
You will have to pay for it.

I reach up and grab your hair.
"On your knees".
I pull you to the side.
You kneel on the floor.
I pull your head down to my crotch.
You are stretched forward on your knees,
head down, ass up.

You take the head of my hard cock in your mouth.
It's already juicy.
You start to work your tongue all around it.
I moan a little.
You feel so happy to be pleasing me.

You keep working,
around and around the head of my cock.
You feel my hand on the back of your head,
my fingers in your fine, soft hair,
circling around and around just like your tongue.

Suddenly, I push down hard.
My cock slips deep into your mouth.
My other hand lands hard on your ass with a loud slap.
You try to cry out but you are gagged.
The head of my hard cock is pushing down your throat.

My hand slides from your ass,
down to your black panties.
I start to massage your clit through the wet cloth.
With my hand on your head,
Grabbing a fist full of hair,
I start pumping your head up and down.

You're a good girl,
you press as hard as you can with your tongue
to make your mouth a tight wet pussy for me to fuck.
The only thing you can do now
is be the tightest little fuck-hole you can be
and hope it makes me happy.

Another slap lands on your ass
and I go back to massaging your clit.
You're moaning and slurping so loud now.
I know I'll finish soon.
I push my cock deep into your mouth,
pressing your face against me.
I slowly stand up.
Impaled, you rise with me.
I brush the hair away from your face
so I can see your big brown eyes.

"Keep looking at me.
Don't spit.
Don't swallow.
Just hold it in your mouth".

I start fucking your face again,
looking deep into your eyes.
I own your body and your soul.
You exist to please me.
On your knees,
watching me enjoy you,
is everything you need.

As I start to pump faster,
you can feel I'm nearly there.
Someone you make your mouth even tighter.
Cum fills your mouth.
I keep pumping.
Jerking in and out now.
My groans tell you that you've done a good job.

I slow down.
Cum glistens on your lips and your chin.
I catch my breath.
"Good girl", I say
as a slide my cock from your lips.
It's shiny and wet.
I wipe it on your face.
It makes me smile.
You make a noise in protest
but you keep your mouth closed
afraid to spill a drop.

"Stand up".
You rise carefully.
I reach down and massage your panties.
They are soaking wet.
You step out of them
as I slip them down your legs.

"Show me what's in your mouth".
You tilt your head back a little and open wide.
Strings of cum connect your tongue
to the roof of your mouth.

"Close your eyes".
As you do so,
I stuff your soaking wet panties into your cum-filled mouth.
Your eyes pop open wide with surprise.
You're saying something to me.
The words are lost in that wet ball of cloth and juices.
It doesn't matter.
You know that nothing you could say
will change what happens next.
Isn't that the point?
I tie the gag into place with a short cord.

"I won't be needing that hole again for a while
but I do enjoy the noises you make."
I lean in and kiss you on the forehead.
"You can't escape,
you can't stop me,
you can't even beg for mercy.
Just relax.
Enjoy being my beautiful toy".

Perfect amazingly perfect. Lee
Holy shit!! 😈🥵🥵🥵 that was AMAZING to read!!!!! Thank u 💜
4 hours ago, PHENIOXLEE said:

Perfect amazingly perfect. Lee

Thanks. I hope you enjoy it a couple of time at least :)

2 hours ago, KinkyGran said:

Holy shit!! 😈🥵🥵🥵 that was AMAZING to read!!!!! Thank u 💜

You're welcome!

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