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The sweet smell of want. Part 5

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You put your knees by the side of my tits and push your cock towards my mouth. I move my head to the side and clamp my lips together with a mischievous glint in my eye.
You sigh 'fucking brat' you tell me and slap your cock across my face.  I smile and open my mouth, my tongue sticking out.
'Look at all that precum, you like that don't you whore'
'Yes sir. Please can I suck your cock' I ask sweetly
You grab your dick and slowly start to stroke it, pushing at your head to push out more precum, it glistening on the tip of you. I watch, longing to touch you and lick my lips.
'Do you think you deserve this?  You've been a brat all evening'
'I'm sorry sir, I'll be a good slut for you. Please can I suck your cock?'
You kneel there is contemplation, the precum forming a drip which dribbles out and lands on my chin.
I lick if off and moan gently 'mmm sir, I love the taste of you'  you smile at me as you push your cock into my mouth.
I greedily start to suck, my tongue swirling around  your tip. You stay still enjoying the feeling of my sucking and my tongue.
'Fuck slut' you moan, knowing it will just spur me on.
I push my head up towards you to take you further into me and tilt my head slightly back, opening my throat up, my head bobbing up and down as I carry on sucking and twirling my tongue over you.
You can't take anymore teasing and take back control, pushing yourself further into my mouth. I gag instantly on you and let out a muffled moan. You ignore the protests and carry on fucking my throat, your balls hitting my chin as I carry on gagging. Tears are now streaming down from my ears, my mascara staining my face.  You pull your cock out my mouth and start to wank over me, letting me catch my breath.
'You're having this over your pretty little face' you tell me.
'Mmm please sir, I want to taste you'  forcing your cock back into my mouth you fuck my throat harder. My body is squirming underneath you and the look of panic fills my eyes turning you on more, as I gag over and over again.
You feel close to cumming so pull out again and wank yourself hard until you shoot your load all over my face, my mouth open for you. You watch as your cum drips down my ace and I eagerly lick whatever I can get. You push yourself back in and order me to drain you.  I suck on you, hard,  as your cum again filling my mouth, choking me.  You pull out as I swallow.
'Good girl' you tell me stroking my face and collecting your cum on your fingers, before offering them to me. 'Clean your mess up'
I love your expressions and joy and lust for life. ❤️👿😈❤️
Delicious writing too😈😘
Beautiful bedtime reading, gets the blood circulating nicely! 😍
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