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SubSlut Gina


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She was super hot and fit. She dropped out of college and moved home for family situation. She ended up being a personal trainer. Tall. Fit. 34Cs. Great ass. Dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Every guy at the gym hit on her, she was flirty.

Women wanted her too.

She only had eyes for Daddy.  Daddy gave her everything she wanted and needed. But, Daddy has a firm hand and was jealous.

Guys texted her all the time for private sessions. She turned away advanced and laughed at the lewd texts and pics they sent.

Daddy was still jealous.

Gina kept Daddy's nuts drained. 

Daddy picked Gina up from the gym one night. She was walking out with a guy. The guy was eye fucking her. He touched her shoulder as they parted. 

Hi Daddy she smiled as she got in the car.

Her phone buzzed. She showed me. The guy texted a shirtless pic of himself and said please give him a chance.

I keep telling him, no Daddy. I'm yours.

She saw I wasn't happy.

Daddy, let's go home and snuggle. And how about road head?


She knew Daddy was mad.

When we got home, Gina went to take a shower. Daddy come with me.


When she got out of the shower, Daddy grabbed her and threw her on the bed. Rolled her over on her stomach and tied her hands behind her back. Putting a blindfold over her eyes. Ball gag in her mouth.

Smack with one hand on her ass. She screamed thru the gag.

Handprint left.

Smack with one hand on her ass. She screamed thru the gag again.

Handprint right.

Again. Again. Again.

Daddy took the ball gag out and put his cock in. Fucking her mouth. She gagged as he fucked her face.

He put the ball gag back in and got behind her. Her pussy was soaked. He slid right in.

He worked her hard and fast and deep.

She came.

He pulled her hair and gripped Her throat.

Moaning and cumming again.

He pulled off the ball gag and rolled her on her back. Stroked his cock and shit his load all over her face.

Thank you Daddy. I'm yours. Thank you


I love reading your stories they’re amazing
So sexy. Gina and I are cut from the same cloth…minus the blue eyes! 🙃
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I would love to have a girly catfight with her she looks hot as am I or any sexy women into the same or like to try the first time

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