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What did you say?


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Daddy was laying back while Baby sucked on him. He had a long day and Baby was giving him what he needed.

Her head was going up and down. Strong and steady, no hands.

I'm going to cum.

Baby sucked harder and faster.

Daddy came in Baby's mouth and she sucked out all the cum.

Daddy was basking in his post orgasm glow.

Gross, what the fuck did you eat today?!!

Baby ruined the afternoon glow.

What the fuck did you say?

She saw Daddy was pissed.

Sorry, Daddy... I um, sorry... I just...

You just what? Daddy's cum doesn't taste good?

I stood up and grabbed her by the hair and led her to the bathroom.

Spit it out, you don't deserve it.

I slapped her ass.

Do it 

She spit. 

I slapped her ass again

Spit it all out 

I slapped her ass again.

She spit.

Here, use the mouth wash.

I slapped her ass.

She rinsed her mouth out.

I slapped her ass

Here brush your teeth

I slapped her ass

She brushed her teeth

I slapped her ass.

Rinse again.

I slapped her ass.

She rinsed again

Better? No more Bad Daddy cum taste in your mouth?

Daddy... I'm sorry... I just...

And you're still talking and making excuses.

I grabbed her by the throat and led her to the other bedroom.

I stripped her down.

Placed her collar on her.

Pinched her nipple, sucked on it and fasted the clamp with a chain to the collar.

I pinched her other nipple, sucked on it and fastened the other clamp.

I put in her ball gag and put on her blind fold.

I lubed up her anal plug and put it in her ass.

I slid in the remote control vibrator.

I laid her on her back and handcuffed her to the bed and left.

30 min later, I turned the vibrator on at a low pulse. Turned up to high for 10 seconds and turned it off.


Turned it on medium at a low pulse. Turned to high and walked into the room. 

She was cumming.

Squirming and screaming through the ball gag.

Hips moving up and down. 

Squirming. She wanted to touch herself, but couldn't.

I tugged on the chains attached to her nipples.

I took out her ball gag. 

Daddy, oh my god... Daddy, I can't stop cumming. Daddy... Oh my God.

I turned off the vibrator.

Her body shuttered. I tugged on her nipple clamps.

Did you learn your lesson?

Yes Daddy.

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