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Getting ready to go out


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As we’ve got out the shower and start to get ready to go out I can’t help getting aroused as you sitting on the bed drying your legs…

I I come over and kiss you gently…. Slowly sliding you onto your back….

I kiss down your neck, gently nibbling, sucking your nipples, flickering my tongue over them then pressing down form on them….

As I slide down my hands tease and caress your nipples my tongue gently licks over your clit….. slowly sliding it in….

Sliding my tongue inside that wet pussy as my hands squeeze a little firmer my tongue pressing a little bit harder and licking your clit. Lifting my head just the tip of my tongue slowly caressing your clit and sliding back into your pussy

I kiss up your tummy as I can’t hold back anymore over your breasts gently nibbling on your neck slowly slide my hard cock deep in to you

My hips Gyrating as a pubic bones rub against each other are you pulling me deep inside you

We kiss passionately as I pull my cock out all the way so just the head teasers your pussy lips and then sliding it back in deep

Gently nibbling on your neck I start to fuck you harder, you pulling me deeper inside you as a speed up and then slow down pull it out all the way and then push it in deep and slow

My tongue working its way down your neck and flickers of your nipples as my cock moves in an ounce of that wet pussy of yours. Your hands holding me by the hips pulling me into you

I climb off slowly take you by the hand as a work over to the chair in the corner. As I sit down you straddle me guiding my cock into you as usual rate against me

As you move up and down backwards and forwards rubbing your G spot bringing you closer as you start to fuck me harder

We kiss passionately as you move faster moving your hips from side to side I’m moving up and down putting me pulling down onto me

As you push down onto me and generate your pussy against my hard cock and gently pulling on your hair and nibbling on your neck my hips moving up and down meeting you as you land on my cock

I left you up and put you onto the bed sitting on the edge I lift your legs out slide them round and as you lay on your back I slowly slide my cock into your mouth as your hand caresses my balls and your tongue flickers over my head sucking it hard then sucked soft

As my cock moves in and out of your mouth my fingers and gently caressing your clit and slowly sliding into that wet pussy

I pull it out and as I stroke my cock up and down your tongue flickers of my balls and suck them gently as I slide your hand down for you to rub your clit

I can’t take it anymore because I’m getting close to pull my cock out of your mouth spin you round so your legs come off the bed and I slide my cock into your pussy from behind and start To fuck you harder as our hands are stretched in front of us on the bed

I got your right hand down to rub your clit as my cock moves in and out of that pussy harder and faster bringing you closer as you gently flicking your fingers of your clit

As we start to get close with move harder and faster both panting and fucking each other harder and faster as you come you pull me tight into you, I follow very shortly afterwards squeezing you and pulling you tight, both panting and shuddering from the sensitivity…..
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