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Where do you meet someone?


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Hi all,

Just looking for advice and how or where you found someone to explore you fetishes with? It's not really something you can bring up in normal conversation and there's no real way of telling what someone is into from just looking at them. So I just feel a little lost about how I can find someone.


Hi kelsi....ideally you need to go to a local munch.  This is usually a get together organised by kinksters for newcomers to chat and talk with like minded folk.  The other obvious alternative is on here and get chatting to like minded individuals, which you appear to have taken the step in doing x

I have the same problem with my fetish i wish i could help it's a bit like do you bring it up and have them run away or hope they pick up on the hints sorry

Try fetlife they have events, also you dont have to worry about judging there much got everything there with couple thing you can put on about to make for easy matching. Theres spot to put what fets you like from receiving, giving or everything to do with the fet. Also has links on most pages for questions then from those it gives a % of what roles you like for example rope bunny, primal, dom, switch and list has much more.the sites friendly also weather your new or experienced. I started mine knowing basically nothing pm rando girl and even tho she had no interest in me she talked and explained what she thought i should change on page, what she didnt like about it then asked what i was looking for, she then told me about there groups said i should look there and events. also my opinion should be easy to find somone with fetishes i feel 90% of man have basic fetishes i mean it just finding what ones or if u want the more out there fetishes may be little hard. Unless you go through the web or there are play places never been to one but was told good place to find somone to explore with nsa hope this helps. And gl not that youll need it more extremely perverted man then anything lol


I'd probably not recommend fetlife.   It's not designed for dating and - I dunno, there's good people and it's a slightly better way to find events *at the moment* but, no

the BDSM test - the results can be pasted onto your profile on this site should you wish also - although, it's - hmmm, I wouldn't base yourself on a quiz anyway.

My advice (to anyone in general) is not to spread yourself too thin but to explore more than one option.   Mixing things you do online with real life is always helpful.

I see the OP is in Manchester - there's a fairly hot bed of munches and a good few events, tomorrow night is Club Lash's birthday party, for example - but there's assorted places in the surrounding areas - I heartily recommend the events Miss T does in Stockport.

I also think to try not to rush into things too fast - it's good to explore especially if there's things you wish to try, but being a tad too keen can lead open to opportunists.  It's better to try things with people you know/trust then anyone for the sake of it.

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