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One night with Daddy


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Room 1143 in the middle of the hallway.

Daddy knock on the door, and she answered quickly. Daddy stepped into the room and looked around.

She was nervous. Her long silk nightgown hugged her curves. Early 50, mature curves with large firm breasts and an ass that stayed in shape. Her husband didn't give her what she begged for. She needed more. She needed to be used and pleasured.

Are you sure you want to do this?

Yes, um Daddy... Sir... Yes.

Ok. We can stop at any time. Safe word is Houston or tap my on the thigh twice.

She laughed nervously, Houston, like Houston we have a problem?


Daddy grabbed her, and turned her around and grabbed her by her throat. Daddy grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back. Daddy removed his tie and wrapped up her arms.

Daddy ripped off the gown and let it drop to the floor. Leading to the bed and laying her down. Daddy put s blindfold on her. 

Daddy got a piece of ice and rubbed it on her nipples and applied the clamps and chain.

Daddy rubbed her pussy and tugged on the chain.

You're going to make me cum.

Daddy stopped and just rubbed her thighs.

She squirmed. Please.

Daddy tugged on her clamps.

Fuck. Daddy please.

Daddy rubbed her pussy again.

She came right away screaming out.

She soaked the bed.

Daddy put a ball gag in her mouth and took off the blindfold.

Daddy bent her over Infront of the dresser with the mirror in front of her 

Daddy slid his cock in her tight wet pussy and pumped her slow and deep 

She moaned through the ball gag.

Her tits jingled with the clamps and chains

Daddy pumped her faster and faster while she watched herself in the mirror.

Daddy came deep inside her while she screamed through the gag.

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