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Consensual non Consensual


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It was a cold night. And dark. Darker than usual. There weren't even any streetlights visible. She liked this. The feeling that danger could be around the corner. She knew what was going to happen and yet, she still played the role of the victim well. 


The van was a utility style. Workers van. She noticed it following her slowely down the dark street. She stepped sideways onto the sidewalk thinking maybe it just wanted to pass her and turned up her music. She tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and landed on her knee. Her skirt lifting up exposing her ass and pussy to whatever may be behind her. She noticed a shadow out of the corner of her eye and looked to see. 


It all happened so quickly she didnt have time to react. She felt a hand cover her mouth. A man whispered in her ear be quiet and you wont get hurt. She listened. He led her to the vans side door that was now open and pushed her inside. Climbing in and slamming the door behind. 



Immediately her wrists were tied up and, her skirt is pulled up and her pussy is exposed. As he takes her panties off and ties her up he also forces her face upon the cock of the driver. Fingering her wet pussy and making her obey.


Once they arrive at their destination she is pulled outta the vehicle and with her hair wrapped around his hand he leads her inside. The driver then forces her face onto his cock as the other man strips her of the rest of her clothing. He throws her onto a bed and ties her down. Restraining any ability of getting away.


He proceeds to lick her pussy with such verocity that she cant help but cum in their mouth. While the other licks her titties and plays with her nipples.

They begin to fuck her. Filling every hole. When they are both finished they let her up and tell her if she ever tells anyone they will come back for her. 


She stares blankely for a moment and then smiles and replies promise? 



I agree, it was a exciting story!
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