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Hitting the right note


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You lie there still, arrested by the silence your thoughts grow and permeate your conciousness.
You've been tied down before but not like this, where did they get this idea?
In the distance you hear a hum that seems more present in the silence, there's a high pitch to it.
"How long have I been here", you forget, time seems slow yet excitingly fast.
You tune in, the high pitched noise comes from the other room, the vacuum, far enough away to normally be unnoticable but your senses are heightened.
The pipe leads to the table you are tied to. Tied? no, held as well. Your ankles and wrists are splayed, your eyes are blind. 
A force presses down on your body - what is this? vinyl, latex? No matter, it's on you and smooths the contours of your body with only the gentle rise and fall of your curves and kinks visible, the pressure holding you still.
A hand glides/slides along your body, circuitously avoiding the most sensitive areas but only just, you gasp and tense, they sense. Stepping away briefly before a hand appears again - this hand feels warmer, is it the same hand or another?
Whats this, a swish, a smack a sting something sharp but delicious strikes your thigh then silence.
A pause, you focus on the noise, strangely rhythmic but strong, you're breathing, you shift your focus out into the room the anticipation leaves you tingling - you think you know who's there, but do you, is there another? Who's watching?
A step forward, two hands firmly grip your thighs, you sense another leaning in.
Warmth between your legs - a hand? no a mouth perhaps, more, please more you think but cannot speak, your mouth masked.
They pull away, the hands are gone No!
A point, a spike appears/feels slicing the material between your legs, fear of cutting wrestles with excitement as the material is parted.
A mouth is on you.
It begins.

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