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Have you ever wished that

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your partner could ring you and tell you to lock yourself into a bondage set up and having to wait until your partner got back home to release you..?..Well my idea goes back a long time and I have now achieved a perfect set up that allows for that scenario.

easy to lock ones self into....100% escape proof...I will be posting a few photos of what I have come up with...

within a few weeks..I hope it will inspire you to come up with your own ideas..!

There will be NO Info about how I came up with..or what and where I bought the items from...Neither will I undertake any requests  to make what you see in the photos.!...

What  you will see in the photos is meant to inspire you...to make you realise that whatever your fantasy is...there is always a way to achieve it.!....Cassie...It took a lot of imagination..trial and error...alot of sewing.and hours in trying to release my self so that I could continue to come up with the perfect set up..!..Was it worth it....What do you think...?


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Additional info...
I hope you will keep us (me) informed, if for no other reason that curiosity and intrigue. It sounds excellent so far

while it plays for a nice fantasy - it's dangerous/reckless

someone in any form of restraints/bondage should never be left unsupervised or with no means of quick escape if something goes wrong.


Whilst an amazing and shared fantasy I have to agree with sheep - safety first


Any form of Bondage...in particular self bondage should be undertaken very carefully...I would NOT suggest that any form of self bondage involves being chained ...tied to an immovable object...Panic sets in very quickly..even knowing that escape is possible.!...Staying calm is very difficult to do..!!!!What I have come up with is a set up that allows for 3 ways of locking oneself into..being locked into...Having a responsible partner or a friend who is just as responsible and understands the risks involved is a must.!...I am lucky that I now have a partner..She has a love of bondage...keeps on pestering me to make the items I made for myself...for her..Knowing how difficult it is..I keep on making excuses not to make the items...I will be posting photos of the completed items soon..It has taken years to get to this stage and I am really pleased with what I have come up with..!!!..It can be very easy to release oneself...or very difficult to release oneself.

The 3rd way is to lock yourself into the items.....No escape until your partner releases you..!...3 options from one set up...

Either way ..take a very sensible approach..make sure that there is no possibility of something going wrong...Learn Thai Chi...breathing excises etc..to counter the panic attacks that you will experience.!! A quote from Hill Street Blues...a hard hitting Police series from America..." Stay Safe "...But most of all...Have fun..Cassie


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