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Date Night with Gina (CumSlut)


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We were meeting at the sushi restaurant. It was a Friday night and packed. I was sitting at the bar, waiting for Gina and waiting for our table.

She walked in. Tall, slim and fit. Personal trainer body with legs for days.  Knee high boots, short tight black skirt, and a low cut red top showing off her perky tits.

She strutted from the door walking straight up to me. Everyone watched every movement as her ass shook and tits bounced across the room.

She gave me a deep sloppy kiss and whispered in my ear. I have my anal plug in.

You know every guy and gal in here just eye fucked you, right?

Yes Daddy, but you're going to be the one ass fucking me.

She sat close to me at dinner. Fed me. Rubbed my thigh. Whispered in my ear.

After dinner we got into the car and headed out. She unzipped my pants and stroked my cock. 

Daddy, I love your cock. Take me home and fuck me. You own me. Use me.

I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down. She eagerly sucked my cock.

We're not going home.

She continued to suck me.

I drove to the parking lot by the lake.

I bent her over the hood of my car. I hiked up her skirt.

Fucking slut, you're not wearing panties.

I pulled out her anal plug and slid my cock right in her ass.

She screamed out. Her voice echoing off the lake.

I pumped her ass slow and deep.

You loved the attention your ass got.

It's your ass Daddy.

Every guy in there wanted you to suck his cock.

This mouth is yours Daddy and I only suck your cock.

They all want to fill your pussy with their cum.

It's your pussy Daddy. It's yours Daddy, your pussy.

I pumped her ass harder and deeper.

She screamed out loud.

Your ass Daddy. It's yours.

I tugged on her hair while I pumped her.

I came deep in her ass.

Thank you Daddy. Thank you 


🥰 Gina is one lucky slut 🥰
Gina is such a good girl!
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