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Shall We Dance

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As I walked into the nightclub, a beautiful white mask with gold vines and crystal beaded flowers was tied to my head.

Strolling over to the bar, before taking a seat, a gentleman with a black mask slides his hand along my waist.

Shall we dance?

When walking on to the dance floor I could smell spice, a hint of mint and something else.

As we dance I feel his warm hand lightly slide down my open back dress and over by butt.

The other slides up into the hairs at the nape of my neck. I feel him tug on my hair.

Those dark lusty eyes are peering down at me. I lick my lips. He leans down and captures them with his. The hint of mint.

As he angles his head slightly he plunges his tongue into my mouth as we continue to dance.

I feel myself slowly being backed off the dance floor. 

Pressed against a wall I could feel his desire. 

One hand is still at my nap, the other slides up my thighs to my mound. He nudges my legs farther apart and slides a finger into my wet pussy.

You're wet for me. Shall we dance.

I felt the rumble of his chest against my nipples.

I feel him slide my red dress up to my hips. He flips me and my palms slap the wall. 

 As he plunges into me we both moan with pleasure. Kissing my neck and back as he pulls my hips to meet his.

He bites down at the juncture of my neck and shoulder as we both orgasm. 

My legs go weak as he wraps his arms around my waist.

As he slides out he whispers in my ear.

I love you baby girl. 

I love you daddy. You always know what I need.

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