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My Favorite Present

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It was late in the evening and i was lounging on the couch after the party.

Bra and panties only. Take the position.

Getting up I push my dress down my body, letting it pool on the floor.

I step over my discarded clothing and kneel with my palms up on my thighs, knees apart, head down in respect.

Good girl.

I heard him walk behind me. I felt something silky slip over my eyes and get tied tight at the back of my head.

He pulled me up and back against his chest.

He slid his hands to my breasts and kneaded them through my bra.

One hand slid to my panties and down the front, to my slit. I felt 2 fingers play in my wetness. 

I moan with pleasure.


He slides his hand out and licks his fingers. 

I feel his other hand on my arm tugging me lightly.

We walk down the hall to our bedroom. He guides me to a large object and takes my bra and panties off. 

He lays me down on a curve just wide enough for one person.

I hear him move away and stop.

The clink of his belt buckle, then the zipper, light thud of shoes.

A shiver goes through my body. 

I feel his hand on my feet sliding lightly up my calf, between my thighs.

Lifting my legs and draping them over his shoulders.

Spreading my swollen lips he pulls back the hood protecting the sensitive nerve endings and begins to suck and pull.

Two fingers inter me. He curves them to hit my G spot. I feel the vibration from his words.

You don't have permission to cum.

I bite my lip to get control.

He continues to pump and suck.

I feel his pinkie slide to my rosebud. I hold my breath.

He lifts up and leans forward and nips one nipple and then the other.

Fingers left and I start breathing.

As he plunges his shaft into my wet core with a grunt, I start to shake. A whine comes from my lips.

You're not allowed to cum.

Leaning farther forward and kissing me, his shaft goes deeper. Taking my juices on one finger he slides it in my back hole.

Cum for me.

I scream and shatter as he fills me. He takes the blindfold off.

Happy birthday baby. I hope you like your new Tantra.

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