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How many times a day, do you want to cum...


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I have a hard and emotional job, which drains me, but the work is worth what I endure. That being said, it fuels my thirst, and I become insatiable. My kitty, touched on demand and put onto a pedistool all weekend; she has been worked over.

My cup is full, but my wet undies driving home hit my clit just right and builds me back up, throbing for more. Wearing a loose dress and cruise control makes the time pass as I get closer and CLOSER, my legs begins to quiver. I pull back to make it lasts a little longer. The heat of my fountain drips down my legs and it's over...


The point of no return, she's set free.

To answer my own question, as much as I can handle.😈🤤
Well I’m sure through training you can make someone cum every minute, might not be a lot since it takes time for the body to produce it. Though I’m sure just like milking a guy you can make him squirt every time. Lol
Let me see how many times I can make you
For both Men and Women alike, it’s a “wonder-drug” cumming at least 21 times a month can lower the chances of certain cancers, lower stress and anxiety, internally increases oxidation of the blood, relaxes the arteries, speeds up the heart, decreases blood pressure, helps maintains a healthy reproductive and nervous system and especially increases the immune system response.

For women it’s a little more complicated, us men only have 1 orgasm per cycle, while women can have multiple and heavy intensity orgasms per cycle. While it’s still recommended for women to cum 21 times a month. Women have higher stressors in todays society than men, so they need a higher dose of release especially before stressful activities.

While in college, I had my sub “edge” all week long from Saturday to Thursday. On Thursday’s night and Friday morning she would be allowed to cum. Usually her weekly test days were Friday’s. she would go in calm and collected and ace it everytime, while the rest of the girls were freaking out, and earned poor grades because of their stress level.

For those of you who don’t know edging is like a dam that’s everytime you edge it fills up with water. The wall of the dam builds in pressure as the water pushes against it. After the dam is full, it needs released. The water is flows at such a heavy rate that’s it’s empty in no time and the dam walls are able to settle without any stress against the walls.

I still recommend coming at least 21 times a month, but try edging for a week, and release yourself when you know your ready. Tell me it isn’t worth the wait?
I need to cum at least 2 times a day but if I’m on vacation with someone like me, I’m going to cum around 5 times a day if not more
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