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Project Complete

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This morning I woke up feeling as if I was going to explode again. I was not looking forward to going to work. This stupid project took weeks to do. One more test is all it needs.

Finally the project had been completed. The test run found flaws and were corrected.

There was no time to test again.

As the new program ran, my anxiety went higher...what if it all goes wrong...what if there are more flaws.

I really needed Daddy. Just to hear his sexy voice.

He was at a conference...three hours ahead of me.

I need you Daddy. Call me at 3:15 your time. 

I knew he couldn't answer but he would call.

Lunch time, finally. I jumped in my car and found a secluded spot overlooking the water.

My phone vibrated

Oh Daddy!...I started crying

Baby girl...you need a release

Yes Daddy 

Slide your finger down the front of your pants and rub your clit

Moans came from my lips as I imagined Daddy there watching me.

Faster..slide 2 fingers in your pussy...faster

Yes Daddy

Pinch you clit and cum for me

Ahhhhh! I need more!

Take my cock in your ass and pump....that's it...faster...I cum deep inside


Cum for my baby girl 

I scream as my body arches and all the tension releases

Better baby girl?

Yes Daddy. Thank you.

Anytime. I love you baby girl.

I love you Daddy.

The program ran without a hitch.


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