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I'm tired (sorry, depressing poetry ahead)

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I'm tired. Of your false promises and half
truths. Of hope that floats on the glassy
surface of the lake, but disintegrates before
it can reach the deeper waters. I'm tired
of being half satisfied. Moments of bliss
swamped beneath the subsequent waves
of disappointment. I'm tired of the hunt.
Wading through the swamp, eyes keen,
watching for a glimpse of silver fish hiding
among the bottom feeders. I'm just so
tired. Head tired, heart tired. Hope tired.
The dreamer within me refuses to give up,
but its desire has burned down to ashes,
a dry, harsh wind that blows over a landscape
bled down to dust and the skeletons of trees. Bring it to me now, the thing I'm
looking so desperately for, and I'll let it drift by,
a shriveled up leaf on the stream, because
I don't have the energy to dangle my lure.
The moments we wait for and they pass us by. 🥺. Beautiful work. 💕
Excellent xx as always.
I love this but I hate that it’s so true x
First, that was beautifully said. I learned a while back, that it is ok to live our ethentic selves. Unwrap yourself from what binds you, and be set free. Blessed Be, my friend.

Amazing and powerful writting. I feel your frustration and ***. The silver lining you seek is out there. You deserve it

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I understand this *** very much. I'm sorry you had to feel that way. Thank you for sharing your ***. I needed to hear this. Thank you.

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