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A Riddle for the Curious little

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I am the one you turn to for love and protection,


In my presence, you find comfort and affection.


A word so sweet, it brings a smile to your face,


Yet hidden in mystery, a riddle to embrace.


I am the one who guides you through life's maze,


With wisdom and care, in all of my ways.


In my embrace, you feel safe and secure,


A dynamic so strong, it will always endure.


Some call me sadistic, some call me bad,


But this riddle's answer, it's not that simple and bland.


A word so playful, so full of delight,


The answer to this riddle, my princess, is in plain sight.


I am the one who holds your hand tight,


Through pain and ecstasy, in the day and the night.


So tell me, my princess, can you guess who I am?


It's a word so sweet, just like strawberry jam.

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