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Anyone with a buzzcut fetish? Gay

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Anyone with a buzzcut fetish I’m confused on how this website works tbh

I think this would work better as a personal ad. You spank guys your attracted to or you could just message them. If you need any help message me and I’ll try to help, not sure how much help I’ll be tho lol.

Confusing site this i agree Shavenhead9750


for those confused

the treasure hunt game : 


This is often done as a bit of a guide to help getting people visiting different parts of the site.


"How it works" depends a little bit on how you want it to work.

So, we're on the forum now - this is for discussions on different topics : no personal ads, no selling stuff etc. which makes it a bit more conversational than sites flooded with ads.

There's chat at the top which is a chat room. Simple enough.

There's a section on events you can browse, though these are non exhaustive.

You can create a personal ad to advertise what you are looking for or browse through personal ads to see if anyone is looking for someone you match the criteria to.

You can also browse user profiles, either by searching or - perhaps someone on the forums or chat catches your eye and you want to know more about them - and - there's a message function if you wish to spark a conversation privately.

That's pretty much a summary on "how it works" - if you have a fetish you wish to try or want a relationship - then - well, a very first lesson is wanting to do something doesn't entitle you to it - but, you know - make friends with similar interests and who knows what might happen....


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