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My Kitten

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The initial interaction started months ago. Small chit chat growing in to more meaning full discussions. Our love of fun and 50s style house wife pulling us closer. 


The trust built over time, you are a delicate mirror to me, delicate and honest I am not here to break or shatter you.


I carry the collar we have agreed on the sign of you giving me control and I will become your protector. You are waiting, impatient, this is wrong you tell yourself, he is married what am I doing? Your mind fighting your body, dressed in your best lingerie to impress. You hear foot steps. You are on high alert, skin tingling, breath quickening, mind racing. The door bell rings, you instinctively answer welcoming me in.


I stand in a navy suit, black shiny shoes, looking at your deep blue eyes searching your sole. Are you ready I ask, you nod not breaking eye contact. I fasten the collar around your neck. You are now my kitten.


I lead you upstairs to your bedroom, removing your gown, revealing a beautiful black lace see through dress like lingerie. Your breasts filling the cups proudly, your ink beautiful aing your arm.


I take your wrists, tieing with rope, you are not touching me today kitten this is all about you. I lead you to the bed, running the excess rope over your body to your ankles, you look stunning on the virgin sheets.


I run my hands over your body gently, every inch of you touched. In your head you now give in, this is what you crave, the eye contact not allowing you to hide. The chase is now the capture and you have never been happier.


My lips move from your succulent nipples down your naval, breathing deeper, pulling at your restraints. My tongue moving slowly down your mound, it to the valley, tasting you for the first time. You yelp at the softness so unexpected. Running over your hood my lips stop, sucking slowly, fingers now sliding in you, your pussy pulling my fingers in like a greedy kitten.


Do not cum I say softly, you mistake it for compassion and your body convulses as you moan loudly, a beautiful stream leaving your body. I look up and spank your thigh, I said do not cum. I slide myself in you, your pussy sensitive, wanting to rest. I continue for what feels eternity to you, so inviting perfect fit for us both as I thrust. My body gives in, flooding your used pussy. I untie you, hold you and protect you. 


You move down to warm my cock, head on my groin, cock in your mouth holding it as we fall asleep as one. 


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