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Slippery Mouth (SubSlut Gina)


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Gina was perfection as usual at the business dinner. Her perfectly fit body and perky tits were framed out in her long black dress. She's charming with an infectious laugh.

Closing the deal, he brought his wife to dinner, so I brought Gina. Dinner was great with lots of laughs, smiles and a deal closed.

As we waited for our cars to pull up, I was finalizing the next steps and Gina was talking to his wife.

His wife said, 'oh my, it's so late. We need to get home and relieve the baby sitter's

She said, 'I'm going to have to relieve someone with my mouth', and giggled.

I shot her a look.

The cars came and we left.

I'm sorry Daddy. I just meant it as a joke. I shouldn't say those sort of things. I'm sorry.

You know you could have fucked up this deal for me?

Daddy I'm sorry.

Go into the basement when we get home.

She stood at the bottom on the stairs waiting for me. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into the bathroom. Turned on the cold water at full blast and put her in.

I ripped her dress off of her and threw it on the ground.

The cold water blasted her skin and hair.

I slapped her ass hard.

It stung.

I slapped it again.

I pinched her nipples.

I grabbed her by the hair and led her to the bedroom. I turned on all the fans and handcuffed her to the bed.

I'm sorry Daddy.

I left the room. Fans blowing on her. Freezing cold.

5 minutes later I returned with warm towels and a blanket. I uncuffed her and wrapped her in warmth.

I love you Daddy.

You said you were going to relieve me with your mouth.

Yes Daddy.

She reached for my cock with hand. 

I slapped her hand. 

You said you were going to use your mouth.

She licked my limp cock with her tongue.

She tongued my balls and cock. She sucked on my balls. She sucked on the head of my cock.  I was hard as a rock.

She swallowed me.  Up and down. 

On the down, I pushed her head down and held it. She gagged. I fucked her mouth.

I let her head go.

She used her mouth and worked my cock hard and fast.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and slapped her face with my cock.

I put her on all 4s and pumped her hard and fast and deep.

Rub your pussy.

I pumped her hard while she rubbed her clit.

Get to the edge and roll over.

She slid out, and rolled over on her back. 


She rubbed her pussy hard

I'm cumming Daddy.

I shot my load all over her body.

Sticky cum all over her 

Nice try buddy better luck next time
17 hours ago, daddydom18 said:
Nice try buddy better luck next time

Don't see you doing any better kid


turn the fan back on so the cum becomes dry at the end. your ereotica has me wet wet wet btw @DaddyDom1212

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