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I'll nurture you while you sleep

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Inner sadness pervades an outwardly presented happy disposition

No achievement marks today's long and angry frustration
Then daybreak comes and you  haven't slept
Craving the warmth and caring your new man's flesh
A morning snuggled hidden from the wilds sharp edges.


Spank me hard or crop my cute ass
Sting me now block out those thoughts
But let your thwack come from that special place
A tender heart yearning to bring me peace.

Then hold me.
Hold me sweet.
My head nestling at your chest
Duvet still warm from last night's rest
Your body heat radiates a safe and more positive glow
Soft words spoken brow caressed.
You will rise up again
When immediate stress has done it's worst
And once more life's love is washed and dressed
And my love is set ready go.

Curtains drawn rain do your worst
Daddy's tender hands adorn her cunt
With firm yet sensual touch aroused
you sleep butterfly kisses like buttercups nodding gently in life's meadow rut
Turns to sunshine
The day's troubles arrested in their tracks

Nothing ventured nothing gained
I seek you out to give my care
You really need to feel adored
And in an instant I'm standing there
Oh small thing
No longer blue
There; there, my sparrow
Slide in beside your daddy strong
Luxuriate in the honest proximity

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