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Ode to a Disney princess

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Ode to a disney princess is dedicated to princesses, kittens, and lilbabygurls of all ages everywhere even grown up ones who should know better but never left the dressing up box alone.

The bells are ringing for me and gargoyle
I want to send you flowers but they only tend to spoil.
Get seven little guys in to sweep your place
Taste shiny red apples for you in your place
Check your shoe size
Climb up your hair
And dance a Tarantella when you are there
Then wake you with a kiss upon your face.
Is that too much to bear?

Reality can be cruel...

I'm out of pumpkins and can't stand mice
My spinning wheel's all spent
I had a whicker picnic basket once
But the handle got all bent

The mattress in the neighbour's garden
Is crying out for peas.
And nothing rhymes with pocohontas
So I'll end my poem with cheese.

I don't caer for philly
My leicester is blue not red
Some are bries says Isley
My bishop stinks cos he's dead.

"Some day your prints will come"
The wizard of kodak said
FedEx me some slippers for Christmas
It's midnight I'm off to bed.

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