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Southern Hospitality


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I was in Atlanta for business and reached out to a college buddy of mine,  since I was going to be in town through the weekend.

He invited to his house on Saturday afternoon to hang out, watch football, drink and stay for dinner. 

We were hanging out in his man-cave when his wife came home. Southern Belle. Blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect skin, tall and slim. She was wearing yoga pants and a sports bra. Nothing was out of place 

She greeted me with a huge hug and kiss on the cheek.

Something isn't she? He asked.

Yup. Definitely is.

She came back down a few minutes later with more snacks and more beers.

She plopped down on the couch next to me. Started asking a million questions.

Oh, ignore the game! There will be more on later today, tonight, tomorrow and next week! Pay attention to me!

She likes you, he said. Go on baby, it's ok.

She hopped on top of me and straddled me. Boobs right in my face.

She saw the surprise in my face. 

Ha! He likes to surprise people.

Surprise them with what?.

We are swingers. You're a good buddy and I need to show you a good time.

She took off her sports bra and buried my face in her tits and grinded on me.

Oh... Yeah, I didn't mention. She was a stripper when we met.

She grinded on me harder. She kissed me on the mouth, then neck, then chest, then stomach.

She pulled down my pants and underwear as my hard cock popped right up.

Ooooooh, look at that cock.

She grabbed it. Kissed the tip of it. 

Just cum in my mouth. 

She worked my cock with her hand and mouth. Slowly and firm.

He pulled out his cock and started jerking off 

She worked me perfectly.

I wanna fuck him, she said


She crawled over the my buddy and sucked him. She pulled down her pants and said fuck me.

Cum in my pussy.

I kneeled behind her and slid it.

It was tight and creamy wet.

I pumped her hard and slow and deep while she sucked her husband's cock.

She moaned loudly. Harder. Faster.

I pumped her harder and faster.

She came, and I couldn't hold it any more and came in her pussy with a loud grunt.

He grabbed her head and fucked her mouth hard and fast.

He came in her mouth with a series of long exhales.

She stood up, wiped her lips and said she was going to shower.

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