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Drive By Facial


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She hung up the phone and looked at him.

Daddy is coming over right now.

I'm usually not here when he does, her husband replied. 

Well, he said he wants quick fun.

So, stay... Leave... Watch... I don't care, but Daddy is coming over.

Knock at the door.

Hi Daddy.

Daddy looked at him sitting on the couch and nodded 

Daddy closed the door and grabbed her by the hair. Daddy pushed her to her knees and pulled out his cock.

Her husband sank back in his seat.

Daddy slapped his cock on her face 

Daddy grabbed the hair on the back of her head and put his cock in her mouth.

Made her swallow all of him

She gagged but Daddy didn't let her go 

Her husband watches, but couldn't move.

Daddy fucked her mouth like a pussy. Made her swallow him. Fucked her mouth hard and fast and deep.

Held her held for her  to swallow every inch.

Daddy looked at her husband, but he was still frozen.

Daddy grabbed a handful of hair in each hand and fucked her mouth in the entryway to their house while her husband watched.

Daddy pulled his cock out of her mouth, grabbed his cock and strokes with one hand and tugged her by the hair with the other.

Daddy shit his load all over her face and mouth and clothes. Made a huge sticky mess.

He squeezed his cock and dropped out the last of his cum onto her face.

He zipped up his pants and left, leaving her panting on the floor covered in cum

She looked up to see her husband jerking off.

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